BENZO$ – Pull Up [Track Write-Up]

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Denver-based bass-music artist, BENZO$ divulges us into his newest original release, ‘Pull Up‘. This bass-forward/hybrid-trap infused citified banger utilizes every facets of heavyweight status and incorporates those signature soundscapes and elements from your favorite BENZO$ tracks and styles. Sitting at just a little over 3 minutes this maniacal manifestation of music is a surefire heater to keep you warm this fall season.

Initially this gassed-up track sends the listener on a downtown adventure, with the windows down, and the volume all the way up. Transformation ensues and authoritative bars take over, fortifying the brute force to the track, then BENZO$ drops the unholy ‘spider-wubs‘. Varying his dexterity in genres and styles within the track, he maintains the energy and structure with textbook effortlessness.

Navigating the full-spectrum of the BENZO$ catalog we have had the pleasure of listening, this one sits at the top of his collection. Add this built-up bass release to your playlists and re-posts as BENZO$ will be a household name (spider) in the coming year!

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