ESCPE – Cloud Walk: Gravitas Recordings Release [EP Write-Up]

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Cloud Walk

ESCPE ascends us to meander the upper atmospheres with his newly released album ‘Cloud Walk‘. A 6-piece orchestra of refreshing, ambient, and overall breathtaking tracks to take you on a drifting jaunt to escape the existential obligations of life. Each track fortifying the ease, delicacy, and skillful grace to the next respective work of art. Complimenting and supplementing the atmospheric environment it creates. Gravitas Recordings being the conduit and final release of theirs in 2020. Fully immerse yourself with each track and melt away in this this magnificent creation.


I opened this album and was immediately greeted with some phenomenal artwork. (Props to the media designer for this one). Then shortly after serenaded with some heavy tribal basslines. First impression out the gate,” Well done.” Bass like that isn’t easy to wrangle.

As the tracks flowed from one to next the feeling of energy gathering right before a thunderstorm and it  hits several times. With a touch of that old school, OG bass feel. Confidence, and empowerment bleeds from these tones. This is a solid addition to any flow artists arsenal of music. The line that appealed to me most was:

“Talking about DBZ, and smoking tree”

                Factual. All in all, a very well-orchestrated gathering of sounds that touched the primal side of my musical taste. Before today I had never heard of this individual. Although, today I made sure he was in my collection. I suggest you do the same. Thank for sharing, ESCPE. We all look forward to the next one.

Cloud Walk Track List:
Dawn / Dusk / Suncrown with Axel Thesleff / Memories / Sacred / Overgrown



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Written by: AJ Asencio (Prometheus)
Edited by: Garth Jones

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