Kerys – Inner Depths: Nova Lotus Release [EP Write-Up]

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Inner Depths’ is an exploratory and expansive trip into the world of Kerys as we soon develop and find what sort of inspiration lead her to make such an impacting EP for the masses to revel. Featuring her own vocal debut on the track, we dive deep into the genre ranges of mid-tempo to dubstep in the two mind-fracturing tracks on the ‘Inner Depths‘ extended play. 2020 cannot stop this immovable force as this EP is her fifth release of the year.

…Take a deep breath…

Inner Depths Part 1

As we plunge into the abysmal article of mid-tempo madness at hand we are introduced by profound sounds from beneath as they crawl into the ascension-stage to the surface. Kerys debuts her talents as a vocalist on this track as well, elevating the production severely. This track carries a unique spin on the genre, adding several flares to be reveled upon. Listen closely.

Inner Depths Part 2

Descending deeper into the musical Mariana Trench we are succumbed to even more intense, illustrious, and sizable in bass and energy. It just gets better and better as the tracks gets closer to its finish. Textured and immeasurably well-designed in totality, indeed a new favorite of ours.

We assuredly are going to keep this EP at bay, jamming it at any opportunity. Get acquainted with Kerys as she will be an undeniably talented, sought, and ultimately unstoppable artist for our unwritten 2021, and beyond.

[Listen to Inner Depths EP]

Inner Depths was a difficult project to write, but essential to me. When I wrote it, I needed to transcribe all these deep and dark emotions I felt after being diagnosed with mental illness. I guess it was like a step forward for me, both musically and emotionally: putting things into sounds due to a lack of words to describe them properly.”

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