Akashik Collective. New Mexico’s Newest Hive of Artists.

New Mexico is undeniably an unstoppable force. They have been gathering their best and brightest lately and showing off just what they’ve been up to. The Enchanted State has not been given the attention it deserves, needs, and warrants. The Akashik Collective plans to do just that. A collective of talented musical artists, visual artists, fashion designers, and cinematographers. Showing some light, showing some love, and ultimately showing off some music from the likes of their resident artists, and producers.
New Mexico may be on the map, but now they are on the radar and we are watching with salacious auditory appetites. We can only expect great things from this hive.
Akashik Collective delievers a surefire EP to tantalize your utmost needs in the beguiles of bass. Administering the heavy dosage of delectable tunes:

DnD Shtyle – Bankaji / Esso – Drviid x Miw / bVd Halloween – bVd LVnds / GVshers – bVd Lvnds / All I Need – N3ON / BTAB – August x J. Jones / The Last – Drviid / Ratchet – Jolly Giant / LOKO UNO – Guala / Strollin’ – Wyatt Lawson / Work It – Mermang / Ibuki – Of Poisoned Sorrow (ENIMATEK VIP) / Gasgow -SMiLLEZ / Moon Wave – Stovetops

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