Ghosty Dubs. Tennessee’s Audio Apparition + Fearless Phantom.

Please welcome Ghosty Dubs to the storm!

Q1: Welcome! Where did the Ghosty Dubs project manifest from? Take us back to the beginning in regards to the decision to make music, and down to the name, Ghosty Dubs.

A1: OK in the beginning I believe I was 13 haven’t picked up DJing but I would watch deadmau5 and listen to his music, one day in elementary (or middle school) my mom said I wrote on a piece of paper saying I was gonna be a DJ one day and so from then on I spent most of my time on a little cell phone using this app DJing and from a phone to a tablet with the same hardware, I believe I still have it too, everyday striving to get better with music.
Then one day in 2017 I decided to go live on Facebook, I would cringe at all my live sets up to 2018. I started playing for this little hole in the wall skating rink that was my first (far as I assume) real DJ experience From the skating rink up to my high-school I played for the JROTC in 2018 then in April or May of 2018 I also played for the high-school once again playing for this small event called RTI Celebration, i had a set only 7-8 mins long I live-streamed it of course, keeps in mind all of this was on a tablet.
Originally I had no stage name, till one day I called myself General House. I thought it was the COOLEST name ever. I would do live-streams and it went from house to trap then trap to old dubstep then dubstep to riddim and trap and rap and I stuck with it. Now the name General House wasn’t fitting with me, then one day I was watching a set by Ghastly and so I was like “Ghostly?” Nah too weird then my friend Kyler said “Why not Ghosty?”
I said ”your right”, so for a solid year I was Ghosty, then as I continued to live stream, as i assume i started to kinda gain a small following for the Facebook lives and i met Eric, my friend/brother/ride or die, he helped me the most to get where I’m at, he said there is already someone named Ghosty music, you mix dubstep and riddim why not Ghosty Dubs, and so this following year I stuck with it, now back to the DJ events, through Eric I met this talent agent girl, she wanted me to play a set for Minecraft, this was my first time being on a lineup, super nervous I had to email them a mix, so at the time I ended up getting a laptop, and my friend Dayne, my brother too, he gifted me a Numark DJ2Go which I’m still rocking right now! With the laptop, the turntable and a drive filled with over 2k tracks, all from the start of my career I got to work and sent it in, there are so many failed mixes for this Minecraft event so probably the 16th mix I did, I said “this is good I like it I’m gonna send it” and sent it now that the Minecraft event went amazing I loved it so much, gonna end off there, but the one main reason I got into music was that I loved it, I wanted to make something unique something someone wouldn’t expect of me.

Q2: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your journey thus far?

A2: I have four. DJ AU, Good Vs Evil UltraViollettee and Planetary Child all of them are people i look up to and get advice from.

Q3: Your FB Live mix sets are always a blast to tune into. You transform your kitchen into a show. How is your roommate(s) finding this frequent and free concert they get in their house?

A3: I don’t have any roommates, I live with my mother, (not in her basement) but mom thinks it’s ok, she works all day and technically i do too. I live-stream most the day if I don’t have school.

Q4: What do you have in store for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 in regard to Ghosty?

A4: My plan is to get new DJ equipment, a major upgrade on a DJ controller and I’m hoping to try to get on a lineup in real life, i think I’m ready to perform in person, I hope to by the end of 2020 or towards 2021.

Q5: Who are you trying to collaborate with in the near future?

A5: Definitely DJ AU and Good Vs Evil one day.

Q6: What is it like in a day-in-the-life of Ghosty? Put us in your shoes for a day!

A6: I wake up usually at 5 am for school and through there I spend most of my day from 8-3. Then when I get home I got live always, I mix for an hour, end the stream, mix another hour, end off, then make my dinner and by the time it’s 8 pm I do another mix for an hour, and recently I do 10 min mixes for Facebook so I would say I stream for 3 hours max.

Q7: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and a shout-out below!

A7: Good Vs Evil, he dropped his Mental Warfare EP and it’s FIRE, and my boy Planetary Child he’s got some stuff coming out soon!

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