Ipsiom + Phocust – Shadow Duel [Track Write-Up]

Canada and California collide ever-so-beautifully in this collaborative showdown between the two undisputed Ipsiom and Phocust, deserving the track-title ‘Shadow Duel‘ released on Apostle Records. Both artists join forces to generate an anthem of auditory assault . This bass-forward battle ready track solidifies itself as a must-hear track this fall, as it hits so hard it leaves a bruise. Ouch! Jam the track and read the write-up below.

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Instantaneously the collaboration develops a story with their introductory soundscapes and elements and quickly become the action thriller of a track you want. This is exactly the exemplifying track you can expect to hear episodic, cinematic, and captivating elements. Grab your weapon, it is time to duel. It’s time to step into the darkness of dubstep.
Contrasting the heavy bass with the instrumentals and chants and looping howls are utterly complimentary to the entirety of the track. Getting lost in the creative display of range, choice of samples and the usage of destructive bass all adds together to sum up to a one hit knock-out from Ipsiom and Phocust. Keep your stance, this track has the force to knock you on your ass. Just to really add in some heat, this track is supported by FUNTCASE!

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