Dashi. The Howling Wolf Of Canada’s House-Music Movement

Cris Vogrig , or as we and the world know him, is Dashi. This Ottawa, Canada-based upbeat house-music aficionado is making sure the world hears him day and night. His calling is the illustrious howl, primarily at night when he can hunt for his auditory prey. With jaw-dropping talent, unparalleled drive, and a hunger ever-so-bottomless we know his the apex producer.
Please welcome Dashi to the storm!

Welcome to our thundercloud! We are thrilled to have you!

Q1: For the unknowing readers and soon-to-be fans, who is Dashi? How can you best encapsulate your self-description, creative direction, and musical vision?

A1: How goes it Monsoon Fam!, my name is Dashi or Cris, I’m born and raised in a little town outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I started making music in my dorm room back in 2017 when I got my first MacBook, since I’ve graduated school I’ve been taking the Dashi Project to the next level! My logo represents a wolf howling to the sky, The reason I chose a wolf is because I was feeling kinda lonely at the time I started picking up this project, With my music and shows I want people to know they are never alone and I want to build one big wolf pack

Q2: Up until this moment, who have been your greatest influences and inspirations in regards to the fruition and existence of Dashi?

A2: This question is extremely difficult for me to answer because there are many different artists that  influence why I started this project, A big influence was when I went to see Flume at Ottawa Blues Fest in Ottawa, seeing people vibe in the crowd and how energetic flume was on stage I knew that I wanted to do exactly what he was doing. After that concert I really became addicted to music like it was a drug, and honestly it kept me busy between writing papers and exams, I started discovering mixes from Dr. Fresch, videos of live sets by Habstrakt and I knew seeing people dance like that at a concert that I would really get into house music so I can see people vibe while on a stage one day!

Q3: 2020 has been dynamic for us all. What have you been up to? Secondly, what do you have in store for the remainder of the year, in addition to 2021? Give us the Dashi-details!

A3: 2020 by far has probably been one of the hardest most challenging years in my life as i believe it has been for most people. I’ve done a few stream from my parents basement and they were really successful. I got the honors to play Virtual Frequency Fest as my first “live show” which also went really well. I’ve just been focusing on me, Collabing with friends, playing video games, and working at my job as a child and youth worker! I’m also blessed to be apart of UB Collective (Underground Bizarre)It hard to not see a lot of people but I rather do my part to keep my family safe and help get out world back to normal  As for the rest of 2020, I got quiet a bit on the Go ! There’s a bit I can’t exactly talk about yet, but for the rest of October I have a release coming closer to the end of the month inspired by the T.V show Stranger Things, a “Dash-o-ween” mix coming for Halloween! November I have singles ready to go as-well and maybe a secret set ;), and in December I have probably one of the biggest releases under this project and I’m excited for people to hear it! I can’t wait to announce new merch soon to! I wanna enter 2021 as positive as possible. I wanna give a huge shout out to my Manager Jordy aka LordiJordy 714k 4 LIFE! 

Q4: Broken Feelings was wildly successful, amassing over 7K plays and counting. Compared to your other tracks, how did this one differ? What were the creative elements and unique attributes you feel that drew listeners in?

A4: This is one of my favourite tracks I’ve done to date actually! I’m overwhelmed with the success on it! This track is really important to me because I am currently going through a bit of a rough patch in my life at the moment and I use music to get my emotions out whether I’m sad, angry, and/or happy. A lot of people have told me this song has really made them feel some type of way which is the goal of all this! I do have to give credit to Reddit for making this track go off! I’m really happy people are able to connect emotionally with my music.

Art: Libertalia Dubstep

Q5: Where do you stand on collaborative works? I noticed your primary approach to releases are solo projects. Is this on purpose or is this an over-analytical observation because our writers drink too much coffee?

A5: I love working on collaborative projects! I currently have one with LibertaliaDubstep in December and a few other homies, I’m just busy with doing solo projects and so are they in 2021 I plan to finish a lot more collabs with friends and artists open to it! PS: to all the writers I promise you there is no such thing as too much coffee.

Q6: Who have you seen killing it in your area? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A6: All the homies be truly killing it! I wanna give a huge shoutout to my boys In UB Collective everyone is truly grinding and helping each other out like one big family, I wanna give a huge shoutout to HAMRO and Ragnar two boys I met from Ottawa who are absolutely slaughtering the bass scene in Ottawa and Quebec. I wanna also give a huge shout-out to my guy Toomaju and The Arcadium Project for the things they are doing! I promise you they are going to be big in this scene one day. I also wanna say shout out to my boy Libertalia, he just dropped a stellar EP that you guys should check out here! Dude is a monster at what he does. All the homies are killing it the best they can and I could continue this list for hours ! Proud of all the homies for what they are doing !! I also wanna give my family a shout-out for all the support and my best pals Adam and Mason for everything they do!

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