Deadly Bass: ShockerT. The Shocking Sound of Thunderous Tunes.

Scott Tenney, or as his magnetic moniker serves him, is ShockerT. This thunderous addition to the already stacked Deadly Bass lineup is sure to send electricity coursing through your very nervous-system. Leaving you pulsating with pure Coloradan energy.
Please welcome ShockerT to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to our dubstep downpour! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and your soon-to-be fans? Walk us through the story of ShockerT!

A1:  I was attending my senior prom when I was first interested in becoming a DJ. Just the idea of playing music and making people want to dance just intrigued me. The name ShockerT came from my initials “S” and “T,” and the word Shocker just sounded cool to me. In 2015, I went to my first rave which got me into the culture of EDM. In 2017, I went to my first dubstep-heavy show, and from that point on, I knew I wanted to be a bass music DJ. I was gifted my first controller the following Christmas, and within a year, I taught myself how to mix. In 2019, I got my first taste at playing live for a crowd, and the thrill I got from performing, along with the positive feedback, just left me wanting more. I’m super happy to be playing Mesa Theater, for what will be my biggest show yet!

Q2: What musical genre are you primarily working with right now?

A2: I mainly stick to dubstep, but I often like to fade into the more chill vibes of electronic music.

Q3: Who have been your biggest inspirations behind the ShockerT movement? Are there any odes or nods in your set to those respective artists?

A3: My biggest inspirations are NGHTMRE and Slander. The way they put their live shows and mixes together inspire me to bring the same vibes to my own. Marauda has also been a huge influence for me. I will definitely be rinsing out some tracks from all of them. I definitely like to do what the Slander boys do, where they build up the energy, slap you in the face with some filthy dubs and then tear your heart out with most emotional songs.

Q4: What can we expect from your Deadly Bass set that we can ultimately get hyped over? Feeling good about your set?

A4: If you like to headbang, sing out loud, or simply just vibe to some awesome music, you will enjoy my set throughout. I am extremely pumped to play this set for everyone at Mesa Theater. This will be my Grand Junction debut!

Q5: Who do you see killing it on the daily? Shout-them out!

A5:  I have to shout out everyone on this lineup, I know each and everyone of these guys are working hard every day to bring their best to the stage and to the world. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me thus far! Their energy keeps me and my energy going, and makes me to get better every day. A special shout-out to my buddy Odin! Be on the lookout in the near future for a project from the both of us.

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