LEESH – Can Only Venture Into Darkness [Track Write-Up]

LEESH Triggers All The 2020 Emotions with “Can Only Venture Into Darkness”

From raging wildfires, a global pandemic, lock-downs, and thousands of calls for social
-reform, 2020 has shaped up to be one of the craziest years many of us have ever experienced.
LEESH, a trap/leftfield bass/future producer and DJ from Tempe, Arizona, might have created
the most realistic audio/visual experience to sum up everything we’ve felt in 2020.
Can Only Venture Into Darkness(think about the acronym…) really hits home when
you consider how much we’ve been through this year.

An aerial shot of LEESH walking along a path in front of a deep, desert canyon is backed by a soundscape consisting of eerie female vocals, deep distorted bass, and harsh alarms and effects. Throughout the course of the video, creepy vintage vocal phrases uncharacteristically bounce from left to right in your ears, as the video progressively stutters and glitches through otherworldly filters. The song ends with a repetition of “this is a matter of life or death”, as a jarring alarm rings through a broken bass layer. As the camera zooms out during the final stages of the song, children chanting a prayer is barely audible, leaving us with a feeling of hope and resolve to push on no matter how crazy the world gets.

Written by: LEESH

This Track Is 100% Monsoon Season Approved

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