DrypDrop. In Colorado, When It Dryps, It Drops.

You know the good ol’ saying ‘when it rains, it pours’?
Well, in this drypping scenario, we say ‘when it dryps, it drops’. This up and coming bass-music producer from San Francisco, and now residing in Colorado is the real deal. His insane mixes and far-out originals are really adding the extra layer to the finish.
His other ventures, Nightshade Noise is already a staple in the wall with releasing heaters, but for now I digress.
Be sure to check it his typhoonTUNES Guest Mix that drops with this interview below!
Please welcome the dryppiest; DrypDrop to the storm!

Question 1: Welcome to the storm! We are stoked to have you with us! Can you deep-dive into who is DrypDrop? Where did the dryp begin?

Answer 1:  I only began listening to dubstep and edm about 3 years ago, I had listened to it once in highschool and just could not get into it. After serving in the Marine Corps I became a Chef and eventually made my way to San Francisco. Once i got to SF i was introduced into the EDM world along with the many subcultures that come with each sub genre of EDM. I was able to see Excision as my 2nd show ever, and I was blown away, addicted, obsessed. From that moment on every has been dedicated to Bass Music specifically DUBSTEP. Every day i searched out new djs and heavier bass lines, going to shows and events multiple times a month. I could not get enough. Until one day.. (and i think this happens to every dj/ producer at some point) I said “I can do that”. So I went out and bought my first controller along with serato and also picked up ableton to start producing as well. One year of mixing went by before I decided to start producing. The name DrypDrop came to me in the kitchen one night but the meaning behind it happened when I was at lost lands for my first time in 2019. I will be honest but you can say it any way you would like. DrypDrop is a KHOLE. I figured out what and who i was supposed to be.. while i was very high on Ketamine. DrypDrop is supposed to be the drip of a ketamine trip, to take you into a deep dark green tunnel. But you love it there. Might sound silly but it absolutely helped my figure out which direction to head with everything. I have now been mixing for about 2.5 years, Producing for a little over a year and a half, And Have been DrypDrop since July of Last Year. I still feel so very new to everything. Constantly seeking knowledge.

Question 2: Who have been your biggest inspirations thus far in your career?

Answer 2: My #1 inspiration is Excision. Not because the man is the king of dubstep, but because he is a fantastic human. He found something he wanted, he worked for it and he made it happen. On top of helping the community and bring people together in a safe environment. Without Jeff Abel my dream would not exist. It has been fun watching artists climb the ranks over the years. Gives a person hope that you could move your way into the lineup.

Question 3: What sort of advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your “dryppy” shoes?

Answer 3: Advice – Just start. “It’s not that I can, and you cannot. It’s that I will and you will not.”

No description available.

Question 4: Eating and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay?

Answer 4: .I rarely drink. Definitely not before a live crowd or recording. Eating makes me want a nap and I’m all about delivering the energy so probably not. Probably a hit of the dab pen.

Question 5: What is the ideal 2025 looking like for you? Walk us through your utopia year in five years.

Answer 5: 2025 – I will be signed to Never Say Die, Touring, Collaborating with artists that i now look up to. Would love to start hosting shows in Denver by then with my wife and I’s collective/community Nightshade Noise and possibly thinking about our own headquarters/ venue.

Question 6: Who is in your collaborations scope? Anything you hint at for us?

Answer 6: Have a few possibilities in the works but nothing set in stone. To be honest I like things a certain way and the right situation hasn’t happened yet. Soon though

Question 7: What does Colorado do best in terms of music?

Answer 7: Unfortunately I don’t know much about Colorado music because we moved here from San Francisco in the middle of COVID and everything has been shut down. I have gone to a show in Denver before at the Ogden Theater and I would definitely say that Denver does Bass correctly.

Question 8: What sort of creative process do you call upon for your track Sugar?

Answer 8: For the track Sugar I drew on inspiration of metal songs that would address the issues in the world in an obscure way. For this track the intro of Men in Black when Edgar the Bug wants sugar in water reminded me of the way many people act today. It’s sad and I hope to be in a place to have a voice some day. But for now I made a song thinking about gluttony. 

Question 9: What can we expect next in the realm of DrypDrop?

Answer 9: Nightshade Noise website by next year hopefully. Consistent content and constantly growing. Always pushing my limits and trying to better myself as a human and an artist. Giving the listener the best experience possible. In the end it’s not about me, it’s about the music.

Question 10: Who do you see killing and slaying it lately? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 10: Big Hitta has absolutely been destroying it lately. Be on the look out for this man.

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