STVNK FVCE. Bass-Music That’s Rotting The Minds Of The Masses.

Riley Maguire, or as the world knows him as, STVNK FVCE. He’s what you call the type of bass-music producer that is comparable to the 0.1% that Lysol couldn’t clean up! His music is that filthy! 
When I was introduced to Riley, I instantly knew his music going to be insane with the name STVNK FVCE. Well, without “spoiling” too much, let’s welcome this powerhouse to the storm.

Question 1: Welcome to storm! We are ecstatic to have the chance to talk! For the unknowing reader, where does the name come from?

Answer 1: Hey, thanks for having me as a guest this week! That’s a good question, I’m not really sure how exactly it came to be, but I and my homie Dan were at the gym one day and he suggested I re-brand and we started thinking of new names and just couldn’t find anything that fit. Now I’m not sure if we were listening to music and I gave him a dirty look or if he gave me one or whatever but then I said “oh that’s a stank face”, then he said he really liked that name and then he suggested it be spelled with two Vs instead of As and I agreed with him and now we’re here!!

Question 2: Who were your biggest inspirations behind wanting to begin a career as a music artist?

Answer 2: When I initially started, I dont think any specific artist had really inspired me to start, what inspired me more was just the love for music and being at shows and feeling the energy from everyone. I loved feeling the bass in my chest and seeing all the lights and visuals, and i always wanted to know what being on that stage felt like. Now that i am more experienced and understand the scene a lot more, the artists i look up to are guys like Slander, they are super nice guys, they always promote a positive message and just create amazing music. Another artist id have to say is Illenium, id be surprised if someone said they weren’t inspired by him or his music! Kompany is definitely another artist i look up to, I absolutely love his music, and crazy production skills. There are a ton more artists i could list but these are just a few at the top of my list!

Question 3: What can you say is your favorite moment or memory thus far in your journey in the dance music world?

Answer 3: That’s a very tough question, there are just too many to pick from! I think from an artist and performer standpoint, id has to say my favorite moments are playing numerous shows with my guys and just going through this ride together with them, shoutout Flatland Funk and Zovah. But as a music fan, I’d have to say my favorite moment was attending Slander’s headbangers ball tour and then meeting them afterward. That was easily the best show I have ever been to and as I said earlier they are just super dope guys!

Question 4: Do you get “butterflies” on stage still? If not, what’s your trick to not feeling the bug?

Answer 4: Oh yeah, I do really bad! I am just a very anxious person in general but when it comes to the day of a show, depending on the size of the show, ill get pretty nauseous and nervous, I am usually pretty quiet and I fidget a lot. For example, when I was in direct support for KSHMR at a festival after-party, I didn’t say much all day,  I don’t think I even ate much either. What I like to do pre-show is just to relax, hang out at the hotel, or where ever I’m staying, and I just go through all my music and triple check everything to make sure its a solid set!

Question 5: How did you and Flatland Funk meet? I understand you guys live close?

Answer 5: That’s actually a pretty funny story! The first time we actually met was at the gym in like 2018, but the full story goes back to Chasing Summer 2017. The night before the festival had started, I and some friends had gone out to Knoxville’s in Calgary, and while being there in an attempt to pick up women at the bar I had pretended to be Flatland Funk in order to make myself look better. I would tell everyone that I was playing at this time, on this stage, and on Saturday. I did eventually tell him that story and he thought it was hilarious. I and Flatland are close and actually live probably 5 minutes away from each other.

Answer 6: That’s a tough question! Right now I think Canada is producing some amazing artists across all genres, there is so much talent and I’m super excited for Canadian music and where it’s headed.

Question 7: What new things can we expect from you in the near future and even down the road?

Answer 7: In the near future, I do have a live stream set. It’s about August 14th and 15th I believe. I’ve also been working on developing a harder sound and should have some new stuff later on in the year, I also would like to drop some more merch for people so keep an eye out for that as well!

Question 8: You’ve definitely been busy with live streams, how else have you been staying busy since the pandemic began? 

Answer 8: Yeah, I’ve done a few this year, I hope there’s more to come! Thankfully while this pandemic was going on I was still able to keep my full-time job, and other than that I’ve just been eating a lot and playing a lot of war-zones as well as worked on music! I also spent a lot of time working on my brand and was networking a whole lot more!

Question 9: Who do believe deserves more credit and spotlight in their efforts right now? Give them a healthy shout-out!

Answer 9: This might be a long list, I have tons of homies and other artists I’ve discovered recently they are all killing it and are definitely names you gotta watch out for! I gotta start with my boys Flatland Funk and Zovah, we talk all the time, they are the day ones! They send me some IDs they have worked on recently and yall better watch out cause they are coming!! Secondly, yall need to watch out for guys like CHRMNDRS, Futurexit, they are making some crazy dubstep! I also have my Caslow Boys, they create some beautiful stuff! I don’t know why he’s not bigger cause his production is insane but my guy TORN definitely needs to have a spotlight on him! I could probably go on for hours but those are a few, there’s just way too many to count!



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