Kreature. Montana’s Bass Music Up n’ Coming Monster

Kyle Nelson, and will soon to be renowned under his alias, Kreature, is a Montana based producer. Although his surrounding environment isn’t too well known for its dance music culture; he will soon be a household name in his state.
Particular to his sound, Kreature is ready to haunt your wildest dreams and subsequently remind you of nightmarish intent.

His recently released The Swamp EP gets you right into the mind of the ghoulish, Kreature. 4 tracks of bass music, utterly packed with Halloween vibes.

Please welcome, Kreature to the storm!


Question 1: For the unknowing reader and soon-to-be fan, can you give us a breakdown of the alias Kreature? Where does the name come from?

Answer 1: So throughout my years of being a producer I’ve always sort of struggled with deciding on a name that best personified who I was as an individual. When I first started producing about 10 years ago it was more of a hobby and something that I did in my free time, so I never took it to seriously and constantly changed it based on how I felt at the time. When I decided that this was truly my ultimate passion in life and turned producing into a career about 7 months ago I knew I needed a name that would be permanent and would truly captivate my creative style. I started looking deep within myself and at what aspects in my life defined who I really am, then many names started to flow through my head. Ultimately I decided on the name I have now because I wanted to encompass the spooky aesthetics I love so much and the sound style I produced into one word and the name “Kreature” felt perfect to me. I simply changed the “C” at the beginning into a “K” because my real first name is Kyle and I wanted to personalize it in some sort of way.


Kreature · Wraith

Question 2: Being a Montana based artist must come with its own set of challenges and eases. What do you feel Montana does better than any other state?

Answer 2: People in the area I live in aren’t nearly as passionate about EDM as I am. My town has a population of fewer than 2000 people and none of them seem to have an interest in the scene whatsoever. I’m pretty much all alone when it comes down to it and that can have both a positive and negative impact on my craft. On one hand, it gives me motivation knowing that I’m kind of in this thing by myself. I have to work harder than the producers/DJs who live in more largely populated areas that already have connections or know successful people in the industry. Also, I don’t have to worry about a bunch of negative influences always around me constantly trying to disrupt my creative process while I produce music. On the other hand, it can be pretty devastating at times knowing that there really isn’t anybody around here to help motivate or encourage me to keep up the hard work I’ve been putting in. That sometimes can send me into a negative mental space where I feel all alone and my progress is slowed down to a point in which producing music becomes less consistent at times. However, what’s cool and unique about Montana as a whole is that the bigger city’s have a lot of opportunities for new and upcoming producers to perform and get their name out, so I know I can count on an open spot for me when I’m ready to throw down at my first live performance!


Kreature · Witch

Question 3: You have a major influence in the bass music community. Can you take a deep-dive with us and allow us in the spectrum of where this liking derives from?

Answer 3: Of course! I fell in love with heavy bass music the first time I got into dubstep back when I was a sophomore in high school. During a lunch break, one day a friend of mine started playing some Cookie Monsta on his system in his car and the sensation coming through the speakers and subs blew me away. I felt an instant connection to the sound and feeling that this particular genre produced and I was instantly hooked. After that, I began down a rabbit hole of fascinating over electronic music. It wasn’t long after that I downloaded some software and started learning how to produce all types of EDM. I seemed to take a particular interest in producers such as Svdden Death, Figure, Subtronics, Excision, Ganja White Night, Destroid, and Zed’s Dead. Each one of these guys/groups played a key role in having an influence on my music in some sort of way. Every time I go to a heavy bass show I’m reminded how much I love this shit. It brings out my inner passion as an artist and forces me to constantly want to push the envelope at what bass music can truly become. There’s one thing to listen to music, it’s a whole other level when you can actually feel it hitting the core of your soul and that’s what I’m aiming to do.


Kreature · Vampyre

Question 4: What can you tell us about your fans “The Spook Squad” and the general appeal to the horror/trepidation style you so perfectly seem to encompass?

Answer 4: Outsiders, misfits, weirdos, etc. anyone that dares to be different and embrace the darkness while choosing to be a light within that darkness is what I think best describes the spook squad. We are a family of love and acceptance. We are strange and can be misunderstood at times but the coolest people are in my opinion and EVERYONE is welcome to the squad! I’ve always had a fascination with Halloween, horror movies, night time, the moon and stars, magic, the occult, and things of that nature so naturally, that began to blend into my style as an artist and I think that started to attract a lot of what is composed of the spook as of today. I also think that heavy bass music, especially riddim, already has a dark and ominous tone throughout many tracks so the style I have right now sees to be a perfect mesh for the music I produce and for the fan base I currently appeal to.


Kreature · Entity

Question 5: What and who can you say was the ultimate influence that lead you to the EDM scene and what kept it going?

Answer 5: Key influences in my life were most definitely the friends I had in high school that introduced me to EDM when I lived in Wyoming, that’s really where it all started. Several of those influencers are producers today and are becoming more relevant to the scene every day that goes by. While I was in school I was lucky enough to have people in my life that were constantly showing me new electronic music every day and it always motivated me to experiment with producing my own music. When I made my first track and played it for my friends that introduced me to EDM, they loved it, and that became a pivotal moment for me. It gave me some sort of solidification that this was meant for me and I was made to do it. It was a real epiphany and moment of bliss. After that I always produced EDM but I was never too serious about it. I ended up having an awakening not long ago and I finally prioritized my life which leads me to realize that becoming a D.J. is my true passion.

Question 6: How have you been utilizing your time during this atrocity we all know as the COVID-19 pandemic? More time for your tunes, I would assume?

Answer 6: Since the COVID-19 outbreak not much has changed where I live surprisingly enough. Like many DJs that are just starting out, I also have a full-time job on top of producing and I’ve been deemed as an essential worker during this pandemic so my time is mainly spent at a day job and then coming home to work on various projects going on in my life, including music. Right now I’m stuck on a lot of unfinished songs where I’m just trying to figure out what to write in next. I have a bad habit of starting a track and not finishing it, but I’ve been working on that flaw. During this whole craziness, I’ve just had a lot of time to stop, think, and reflect on what is really important in life. I guess you can say during my downtime I like to get in touch with my spiritual side and step back and look at the bigger picture. I’ve had a lot of time to develop a vision of where I want to go with my career and I’ve really been working on manifesting that.


Question 7: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us a look into your crystal ball and the utopian 2025 life!

Answer 7: Quietly living in a beautiful wood cabin in the mountains somewhere in western Montana with my amazing girlfriend sounds pretty nice! Hopefully, that’s where I’ll be haha but who knows so much can happen in five years and anything is possible. I’m always down for adventures and finding out life’s truths and beautiful mysteries. I have a desire to explore the world, spread a message of love and positivity,  and produce the best music I’m capable of creating. That’s all I really want to do throughout the remaining years I’m blessed with. I of course also see myself playing at major venues and festivals where thousands of people show love for my music and throw down with me. It’s a vision I’m focused on every day. I want to hopefully make an impact on people’s lives and inspire them to make positive changes. If I can make people happy, feel good about themselves, and save lives, then my mission here on this planet will be fulfilled, at least in my belief. I want to bring PLUR back into EDM to a point where EDM is more associated with love and positivity again rather hard drugs and partying. Lately, I’ve been feeling like acceptance, kindness, and respect have been slowing dying in this community and I want to revive it. I also have a few other projects I’m working that are unrelated to producing music that I plan on integrating into the Kreature name and expanding as my brand. Maybe start up my own label as well? Who knows what the future holds!

Question 8: What sort of extracurricular activities do you partake in when your not making music? Montana is an immensely expansive state with plenty to do, or is that a fallacy and music is all you have?

Answer 8:  Usually if I’m not at work or producing music, I like to spend time with my girlfriend, my friends, or just spend time alone with my thoughts and meditate. It’s true that Montana is a large state but it doesn’t have a large population compared to its size. Where I live there basically nothing to do because it’s such a small town and it drives me crazy sometimes. Occasionally I like to watch movies or invest my time in something educational. Besides music I also have a passion for culinary arts, organic chemistry, animals, plant medicine, horror aesthetics, mycology, arts of all kinds, and spirituality. I know it may sound like a weird mash-up of things for a person to like but that’s really what makes up who I am and what consumes most of my time. Montana is also a very beautiful state with a lot of natural beauty so I like to explore this place as much as I can. There’s nothing like getting lost in the mountains or woods here, it’s truly something special.


Question 9: What can we expect next in the ominous and eerie realm of Kreature?

Answer 9: A lot and a lot of new, original music and live shows no doubt! I have so many ideas planned out as far as merch and live performances go. I’m very focused right now on putting together something new and unique for the scene, something no other artist has done. I’m going to keep bringing that heavy/spooky bass sound that my fans love and trying out new things. I just want to stay relevant, consistent, and true to what I’ve created and visualized as an artist. I’m set on making a real positive impact on this genre so that’s what I’m aiming for. I’ve had a lot of setbacks trying to form this career but there’s no doubt in my mind now that I’m on the right path to making my way up to be one of the greats. So far this journey for me has been such a blessing with humbling opportunities and I couldn’t be happier with where this is all been leading me. Expect big things coming soon!

Question 10: Who is in your area that deserves more credit and light in their musical career? Give them a healthy shout out!

Answer 10: Definitely Tr!p Hvzvrd! There aren’t any EDM producers or DJs around my area in Montana that I associate with, but he’s from Wyoming and that’s close enough! He’s always been a big inspiration and influence in my life and if you met him you can tell he has a real passion and desire for EDM. That’s very inspirational. Out of all the producers I know he has the best chance of rising to the top. He has a hunger and driving force behind his creative flow that allows him to create both beautiful, and heavy tracks simultaneously. His technical abilities as a producer are just riveting! On top of all that he is also a very compassionate and humble human being. He’s the real deal and I’m definitely proud to have him as a friend.

Thank you so much, Kyle, you’re seriously going to make it far! We are so stoked you decided to hang with us for a while and to get to know Kreature a little more!
We will for sure do a follow-up interview! Until next time!

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