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Eric Townsend, or we know him, chAotic, is an Alabama based producer. Residing in Dauphin Island, this up and coming musician puts some chaos in the current order. With a recent guest-mix on American Grime.
we can assure this EP is an aggregation of what Eric has been up to as chAotic!



presents the Caravan EP:

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Track 1: Caravan

The first track, Caravan, is an introduction to the build-up ahead. With easy listening and simplicity all through this vibey track. A mellow melody, the samples hooking you with the European accent of the repeating hypnosis.

Track 2: Zealous

This second track is a very bass-driven track right off the bat. An awesome transition from the mellow introductory track, Caravan. This track holds it down with

Track 3: Lovely Jubbly

This track is a bit more upbeat compared to the rest of the tracks (Caravan and Zealous). You catch yourself shaking your shoulders/hips to this throughout the track. Definitely a harmonious delivery of evolution to Zealous.

Track 4: Grindah
The last track on the EP is a climactic finish. Using fun and catchy samples all the way throughout, vivid drumlines, and the bass you expect. Another vibey track from chAotic!

This producer delivers the EP, Caravan exclusively on BandCamp. Each track of Caravan is an organic representation of his great artistry. Us here at Monsoon Season approve this EP!


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