Pretty Sweet, if you ask me.

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Question 1: Where does the name “Pretty Sweet” come from? It must be a pretty sweet story!

Answer 1: We would skate every day back when we both lived in LA and one day, we were trying to decide what we should call our project. Then we both realized we grew up skateboarding and my favorite skate movie was called Pretty Sweet. Then that leads to the conclusion that Pretty Sweet would be the perfect DJ duo name and that it represented us well. So thus resulting in the name Pretty Sweet.

Question 2: So for the unknowing reader, and soon to be fans, who makes up your duo? Give us a brief introduction!

Answer 2: Pretty Sweet is comprised of Isaac Lopez, a hip hop connoisseur and music producer from Salt Lake City, Utah and Chandler Williams, an Icon graduate and music producer from Park City, Utah.


Question 3: Your recent remix for Jauz and DJ Snake is very good. What kind of inspiration came with wanting to remix a track like Gassed Up?

Answer 3: Gassed Up was a fast-paced song that we felt we could slow down and make just as good if not better.

Question 4: How long have you guys been producing?

Answer 4: Isaac has been producing music for 4 years & Chandler has been producing music in the DAW for 6 years and been a musician for over 10.

Question 5: What tips and tricks would you give someone to start making music?

Answer 5: Get a DAW and learn it inside and out, you have to know the tools in your toolbox. Don’t start making music with expectations to be playing stages after you learn how to do it. Also, don’t get defeated if you’re not immediately recognized for your music, it takes time effort and perseverance to truly do this as a career.

Question 6: Do you feel DJ duos have it harder or easier than solo artists?

Answer 6: It depends on the duo and the chemistry/dynamic you have as a team. For us, it’s easy because we started hanging out making music together for fun and it turned into a best-friendship because of music.

Question 7: Where do you think you will be in 5 years? Give us a glimpse of the 2025 utopia.

Answer 7: Considering that we’re both back in Utah and not separated between states, we now have the ability and opportunity to outgrow our past selves and achieve the goals we truly want to accomplish with time. So in five years we see ourselves touring the nation with artists we love and respect opening the stage for us, as well as playing DJ sets in the world’s most premiere music festivals and stages.

Question 8: What makes the best crowd, vibes, and set in your opinion?

Answer 8:  We love when we see the whole crowd absolutely losing it to our set. We want to see the crowd get buck wild! A perfect set has the right amount of variation to keep it interesting but also hard enough to keep the crowd hyped up and full of energy!

Question 9: Out of anyone in the world, who would be the utmost prime collaboration?

Answer 9: We have a few, the first would be Token because we really fuck with his lyricism and his flows. Second, would be Logic for the same reasons, and third would be Oski, his production style is unmatched.

Question 10: Who deserves a little more spotlight in their musical journey? Give them a healthy shoutout!

Answer 10: First we’d shoutout this rap group named RD$, they are very talented and super slept on. Second, we’d like to shoutout our brother and best friend Honü, he has been killing the game with everything from Lofi hip hop to house to rap music, he does it all. and Lastly, our fellow bass head friend from Icon; Mugen (Leo Shon) he is amazing at bass music production and worth taking a listen to!

Thank you so much Chandler and Isaac! You guys have been a joy to work with over the weeks. We cannot wait to see what is next in the likes of Pretty Sweet.
Until next time!

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