Salt Lake City resident, Aaron Weeg is in no way, shape or form, someone you want to get in front of. The name ROOK says it all, he will smash through you, with his end goal in mind. 

The way he plays his game?


Shall, we say… Check MATE!

Question 1: For anyone who doesn’t know, where did your name originate from?

Answer 2: I honestly don’t remember, I just wanted to be named after something that represented how I wanted my music style to be and so I chose ROOK because its progressive in its movements and the design of the piece is based on a fortress and that symbolizes safety. 

Question 2: If you could describe your style of music in words, how would you do so?

Answer 2: Very flowy; sort of like a rollercoaster – with highs and lows. I don’t want to necessarily have people rattling their brains out constantly but I want them still having a blast and going nuts! 

Question 3: What has been your utmost highlighting moments in your dance music career yet?

Answer 3: Tough question, I have had a lot of amazing moments that I love and am glad I got to experience – but one that comes to mind that is my favorite would have to be from about three or four years ago. I was at this show called “Obscurity” that was being hosted by one of my close friends. I forget who was headlining that night but they weren’t able to make it. I was in a duo at the time that was actually really popular, and my friend had asked us if we would be down to do a surprise headlining set to fill the gap. We were beyond down, but..we were also beyond drunk. Ironically enough we slayed it; at one point I was standing on top of a giant speaker or sub and just pouring shots in people’s mouths – shit was fucking wild!!! Another was more recent when playing at “Nightmare in December” hosted by Down Under Dixie where I was playing a crazy b2b with LENIX IX and the stage was set up so it was kind of difficult seeing the crowd when the fog machine went off or the lights moved in a certain way. But one moment we were just interacting with the crowd in this insane drop and the next thing, the fog was everywhere and dollar bills were just flying from the sky – there was roughly $300 just thrown to us from the crowd.

Question 4: Do you still get butterflies in your stomach when you step on stage? If so, do you believe they will go away or do they get bigger as you grow as an artist? If not, any tips to rid the bug-like-feeling?

Answer 4: I had actually helped a newer artist with this question not too long ago in reference to her first show. I believe that it just comes in random time frames with some shows. Nervousness is totally natural because you’re in front of 3-3000 people and that stuff is nerve-wracking. Knowing it’s a natural feeling helps – I also have a mantra I speak to myself and that’s, that “I believe in myself and my capabilities and I am here for a reason – so just have fun and everyone else will too.” Confidence in yourself is the only thing you need to combat that feeling.

Question 5: As a Utah resident, and local to the outlying scene, you are well-versed and seasoned in the facet of the state’s music. What do you believe Utah does better than any other state?


Answer 5: I think the opportunity is the biggest thing Utah has to offer its locals and others in the surrounding states. We have so many shows and festivals and I’m always seeing artists from out of state performing. It’s helping them get their break so they can achieve their goals as artists. 

Question 6: Not including Utah, where would you be playing out your musical career if not here in Utah?

Answer 6:  I always considered Colorado, California or Washington someplace strategic that could benefit my growth as an artist and those places are pretty big hubs for the music scene and I would love to see what they are all about

Question 7: What’s been your greatest accomplishment as of yet in your career as ROOK?

Answer 7: Performing at SKY SLC opening for Ray Volpe; I feel like once you play at SKY you become somewhat established here so it feels nice being recognized in your city. Bigger, better opportunities come when you get booked by V2 and its a huge accomplishment

(Ray Volpe pictured below)


Question 8: With wild party shenanigans afoot at every major festival across the United States you can assume some immensely crazy stuff goes down. Have you witnessed anything outlandish and or just purely barbaric at a music festival?


Answer 8: Hmm… honestly nothing insane outside of people taking way too many drugs and it appears apparent. I think water costing an arm and a leg at some festivals is the only thing that is outlandishly barbaric.

Question 9: What can we here at Monsoon Season, and the rest of the world expect from you in the near and later future? Short term and long term?

Answer 9: This is an exciting question – I am in the works with some other pretty awesome like-minded individuals on creating a collective/label that we really want to have finished by mid-summer. I’m also focusing less on shows and more on production so by fall I have my first EP released. But I’m definitely still playing and have some pretty exciting festivals, shows and some collaborations I can’t speak necessarily about just yet, but what I can say is it’s going to be one exciting year! 


Question 10: Who else in Utah do you fervently believe deserves the extra spotlight in their up and coming career?

Answer 10: Definitely LENIX IX, shes one unstoppable woman and I full-heartedly believe in her! PRPL, X&G, OBAYASHI, SumPPLzKids, and Ambience are also people that are making some major moves to look out for! I love all of them.


Thanks so much, Aaron for a sensational deep-dive into your life. We can safely say you are now Monsoon Season’s family and cannot wait til’ we talk again!

You can catch ROOK this Friday (3/27) on LOCKDOWN  being live-streamed at 7pm alongside PRPL and LENIX IX  being presented by Elevated

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