TazMayne Releases Full-Sender Bass Single – “I Hear Sirens, Run!” [Track Write-Up]

Houston, TX‘s Rising Bass Music Artist TazMayne Runs All The Red Lights w/ NEW Dubstep/Hybrid Trap Single I Hear Sirens, Run! Even Getting Ticketed & His Car Impounded Trying To Promote The Song

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

In today’s underground music market, there is an artist who needs little to no introduction and that is TazMayne. This rising act has gone viral on TikTok and YouTube via his remixes, bootlegs, and audacious online presence.

Gaining tens of millions of views in just weeks, his attention-grabbing persona is not the only thing he is known for. His original music is another staple aspect of TazMayne‘s crazy EDM rockstar lifestyle and repertoire. Today, we are here to recognize the genesis of another hit from this animalistic artist titled “I Hear Sirens, Run!”

As per his social media accounts, apparently in an attempt to promote this new song at the local police station (because, why not?) – he was ticketed three times and ultimately had his car impounded due to the impractical, yet ambitious means to getting real source material for promotional use. We say, fuck yeah!

pic: TazMayne | by: Allisa Szucks

The track itself is a complete bop! Even garnering to the position of #9 of Top 100 new dubstep chart releases via Hypeddit, this track is turning heads and breaking necks (and charts).

From the suspenseful builds, to its alluring drops, this heater fusion bass track will make listeners go feral and feel villainous. Why does the repeat button feel so illegal?

Fresh off the cusp of his latest release titled “That Will Slaps”, TazMayne has a busy summer ahead with more music, playing more shows, and going viral again with his relatable content. We are here for it!

Give it a listen today, follow him on social media and music streaming platforms to stay up to date with new music, event announcements, and all things TazMayne!

I Hear Sirens, Run! | OUT NOW

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