Festivillainz Gets The Bass Music Masses Rapture-Ready w/ NEW Dubstep Single “The End” [Track Write-Up]

Apocalyptical & Villainous Dubstep Single “The End” From Festivillainz Makes Listeners Go Feral & Berserk To Its Nasty Drops

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Festivillainz prepares the masses for their impending doom with the release of his newest dubstep single “The End”. A surefire track that will make doomsday preppers, evangelicals, and prophecy pushers believe the end is near.

This rising Ottawa-based bass music producer has been sedulously growing his brand, image, and vision in past couple of years.

Dialing it down, refining, and fortifying that dark and brutal bassline, those catchy (and at times) comedic pre-drop vocals, and overall an environment in his music that personifies the villainous lifestyle.

Festivillainz | by: Diffracted Media

In “The End”, takes the cakes as one of Festivillainz‘s heaviest tracks to date. The amount of spine-shattering bass, larger-than-life builds, and neck-breaking drops, we are in awe over this new release.

Festivillainz | by: Diffracted Media

After maddening tracks we’ve already been introduced to in the first two quarters of the year like “Chaos” with Ridley Slim, his high-octane 2023 Showcase Mix, “Destruction” and “Run It Back” with Scafetta, the tracks keep getting better and better.

What could be next? We will have to revel in these heaters until we recieve another from Festivillainz.

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