Jeto & HYLIA Unveil Melodic Gem “Press Start” via Stardust Records | Curator Coverage [Track Write-Up]

Jeto & HYLIA Find Solace w/ NEW Anthemic Melodic Bass Collaborative Effort Titled “Press Start” Exclusively on Stardust Records

Storm Report By: Curator Presents

Jeto and HYLIA joined forces to release this melodic banger “Press Start” on Stardust Records recently, and we over at Monsoon Season had the pleasure of being one of the firsts to cover this absolute masterpiece.

Sit back and relax as I (Curator) take you step by step on this track as I break it down and talk about every little fragment that builds up this amazing and intricate track that will for sure be going in my live sets in the future.

Straight out of the gate, the listener is instantly encapsulated by the stellar voice of the one and only HYLIA, setting the tone for a melodic atmosphere that makes you feel uplifted yet has a small hint of sorrow underlying it. Meanwhile, slowly fading in are all of the elements that producer Jeto is prepping to showcase his musical talents when the time is right.


Soon, the vocal melody and the chord progression are complementing each other beautifully when the drums begin to roll in. Everything blends together so perfectly and also creates this atmosphere that I just can’t quite seem to put into words. This verse seriously makes me feel happy, yet overwhelmed all at the same time and I do find it to be a beautiful blend of emotions.

When the drop hits, it is seriously amazing how Jeto laid out the Impact of this drop. He uses the section of HYLIA‘s verse that simply states “All I Did Was Press Start”, and hits you with a killer chord stab, but he lets this first note hold out slightly longer than you’d expect, adding this beautiful tension that takes you into another chord stab that then begins to ride in a drop structured like how we are all used to hearing.

It seriously creates an amazing call and response and these two should feel beyond proud of what was accomplished in just these few bars alone. The drop continues to flow and stab as vocal chops are cleverly introduced and placed, fading in and out alongside a high-pitched arp that carries a high amount of energy throughout the whole thing.

When the bridge comes in, we are gifted another wonderful verse from HYLIA, and at the end of the build, she decides to shock us all by bringing in a high-pitched call to action when she strongly states “All I Did Was Press Start”.

The second drop continues the high-paced energy and killer chord harmonies that we were introduced to in the first drop, and this time the vocal chops are different and use a higher-pitched section which adds an entirely new vibe to this drop.

The overall production of this track is great, with amazing sound choices and everything is mixed to be high quality and stellar. 

Go stream “Press Start” by Jeto and HYLIA on all major platforms today!

Add it to your melodic playlists and be prepared to hear this one played out live at all of the summer festivals! If it’s not in your set, you are truly missing out, and don’t forget to follow them at all of the socials below!

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