Flight Facilities’ Hit Single “Crave You” Gets A Heavy & Melty QUE$O Remix [Track Write-Up]

Flight Facilities‘ Festival Anthem “Crave You” Found A New Sound w/ QUE$O‘s Remix Gathering Thousands Of Streams In Less Than A Week

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Minneapolis-based rising electronic music producer QUE$O does a number on Flight Facilities’ mega hit single “Crave You” with his tantalizing heavy dubstep remix. This variation is everything but cheesy but it is everything QUE$O!

The original saw its fame when worldwide touring dubstep duo Adventure Club put their signature spin on it over 10 years ago which has garnered millions of streams.

Now, QUE$O puts his melty, ooey gooey, and wildly addictive remix at the forefront of today’s music markets and it is becoming so well-received that this may be the new normal for this single.

Could we hear AC rinse this remix in their upcoming sets? Let’s hope and crave that they do! Edit: Adventure Club has listened to and supports the track via QUE$O social media sources – we’ll be waiting for the live rinse soon!

There is so much to love about this new remix. From start to finish QUE$O honors the originals core elements and lyrics while he amplifies the bass and magnitude in each drop.

photo by: Spencer Tuttrup

Each drop, drum kicks, hypnotizing lullabies, and developing soundscapes compliments the last in textbook fashion. QUE$O does an exceptional job at creating this remix that is so unique and cohesive between the lyrics and basslines that personifies his sound design.

By the final drop, you yourself are dripping in liquid gold, and by that we mean hot and melty cheese, or “queso” in this situation.

QUE$O is fresh off his latest release on BASSCVLT titled “Riddim Rave” which was featured on their Valentines Day themed compilation “Break Necks Not Hearts” and has plenty more music to look forward to this year. Hear it from the man himself in our brief interview below.

Let’s Chat w/

Q1: Your new remix of Flight Facilities’ “Crave You” is OUT NOW! What led you to want to remix such an nostalgic and anthemic track? 

QUE$O: I always loved the track the vocals are so mesmerizing and incredibly addicting. I never really thought about remixing it but the more i heard other artists do it I finally caved in and said “Alright my turn”.

Q2: We can’t talk about “Crave You” without mentioning the well-known remix by Adventure Club that is seared into all of our minds. What’s your take on the decade old remix from the AC duo? 

QUE$O: Of course, Adventure Club made an incredible hit with their remix. I was lucky to see them drop it live back in the day when I first got into the scene. It makes me feel old! I love the AC remix and I hope I can make my listeners proud with my version.

photo by: 4CV Music

Q3: What was the creative process like for this remix? What type of elements and techniques did you use to make yours unique? 

QUE$O: Yes, of course I had to add a twist to make my version stand out. My intro melody was meant to hypnotize like a lullaby and it goes into almost a future style built up it mixed well with the vocals. When it comes to the drop I had to bring what the new wave and the new group of bass heads love and that’s heavy riddim and whiplashing bass! 

Q4: When can we expect more music from QUE$O?

QUE$O: I’m releasing more and more weather its solo or label release keep your eyes peeled for more tunes.

Q5: What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2023? Any events planned or can you leak any information for us here at Monsoon Season

QUE$O: As of now all I can disclose is anyone interested in booking can email Iamquesopromo@gmail.com and I will be happy to work with anyone. Big shout out to all my supporters I love you all and I hope soon I can be in a city near you! 

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