R0WL3N Calls Out To The Cosmos w/ Alien Dubstep “Cyber Dial” via Electric Station Label [Track Write-Up]

Wonky West Coast Bass Music Artist R0WL3N Releases High-Octane Alien-Influenced Dubstep “Cyber Dial” on Ukrainian Label Electric Station

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

There is something so fun and alluring about combining aliens and dubstep. Wonky beats and otherworldly beings taking control of our minds with bass and synths.

We see it showcased perfectly in the new self-release single by R0WL3N titled “Cyber Dial” exclusively on the Electric Station Label. This track has it all when it comes to feeling the abduction, probing, and travel into deep space while being brainwashing by dubstep.

above: R0WL3N

R0WL3N merges experimental bass with the upbeat tempo of dubstep, laced with pre-drop chants of “the combination made my eyes bleed”, dial tone hysteria, nasty drops, and the end result is extraordinary with “Cyber Dial“.

R0WL3N tells us:Get ready for a wild ride, this alien dial-up dubstep-inspired track is full of ups & downs. Time to reconnect to the mothership

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Cyber Dial is OUT NOW

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