Australia’s ARTIFACT Stops To Chat About His Recent Subsidia Records Release, His Headlining DNB Set in Sydney & MORE [Artist Interview]

Built Different Music Group‘s Rising Bass Music Aussie ARTIFACT Chats w/ Us About His New Music on Excision‘s Imprint Label; Subsidia Records, Headlining Show in Sydney, & Goals For 2023

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones


Q1. Welcome to our storm, ARTIFACT! Where does your music journey begin? Take us back to the very start of when you were introduced to dance music and how it has led to where you are today as a music producer. 

ARTIFACT: So, I’ll take you back to where it all began. When I was 15 years old I found a love for the art of DJing after going to countless parties and events where I watched the DJ be the life of the party, and do incredible things with music and mixing.
I loved music before that, but it wasn’t until I watched a DJ create such a perfect story and set of music that takes you on a journey through the night. Not long after that I started my own musical journey by learning how to DJ and started the process of learning to produce.
Some of my biggest inspirations were Avicii, Skrillex, NERO, and many more. Over the years I have loved and created many different styles of music but really found a big love for dubstep which was influenced by Skrillex and his album Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.

Q2. Your new track “You And I” was released on Subsidia Records’ Dawn Vol. 7 compilation. How does it feel to have released this track on such a respected label and what sort of feelings of accomplishment does this leave for you?

ARTIFACT: Having my track “You and I” signed to Excision‘s very own label Subsidia Records was definitely mind-blowing for me and has been a big goal of mine for a long time.
Because of what he does for the bass scene, it makes it even more special for me. So many big artists and important people watch over that label, and so many bass fans find new artists and new music on there. It was definitely a big goal of mine ticked off.

Q3. “You And I” garners angelic vocals backed by freeform-style beat work. What inspired you to combine these styles and what was that creative process like?

ARTIFACT: The thing I love the most about music is how it can bring people out of sad/dark times, make you feel happy or sad, bring people together and so much more. I really love when a song tells a story and you can relate to either the melodic element or the lyrics, so with my track “You and I”, I wanted to capture the hearts of people with the love lyrics and beautiful mix between bass and softer melodic elements. Because it means that it’s still works really well on the main stage at a big festival and has enough hype, but also captures the hearts of the listeners.

Q4. You live in Australia and will be headlining SHMEERE 004 by SHOOK Crew in Sydney on April 22nd with a stacked lineup of dubstep and DNB artists. What can fans and listeners expect from this set and also what may surprise them? 

ARTIFACT: I think the biggest thing with an up-and-coming artist is the fact that some people won’t know who you are, and won’t know whether they want to go to your first headlining show, but people should remember that every big artist was up-and-coming once and needed the support they got early on to get them where they are now. And I really put my heart and soul into creating such an amazing experience and performance for my shows whether it’s the set list and music or the crowd engagement or the way I present myself or the musical journey I take you on I really put my all into my sets for shows and I try to make it an experience that blow peoples minds and have them telling their friends about me.

Buy tickets here: Click Me | Facebook Event Page

Q5: Tell us about your music moniker “ARTIFACT“. Where does this name come from? 

ARTIFACT: The name ”ARTIFACT” actually comes from the way that I create a lot of my sounds. Basically I add lots and lots of effects to my sounds to the point where my computer cannot handle it any more.

So when I press play on that sound it then plays the whole sounds but plays these weird artifacts after the sound is finished because the computer cannot handle it, some people also call them glitches. Those are the sounds I use in my production and that’s where my name come from.

Q6: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us a snapshot of that 2028 utopia timeline!

ARTIFACT: In five years, I see myself accomplishing and smashing the goals I have had and have been working so hard towards since I was 15 years old. I see myself playing some of the biggest shows and festivals in America and the UK, signing more music to the biggest labels in the industry, meeting, some of my idols and favorite artists and people in the scene and just having an amazing time.

Travelling the world doing what I love. I have had the same drive and determination since I was 15 years old I am now 22 and things are really starting to happen. It just goes to show that if you work hard towards something and stay consistent that you can make it happen, and that’s what I am doing. 

Q7. What’s next on the horizon for you as a musician for the rest of 2023? 

ARTIFACT: There is plenty coming up for the ARTIFACT project in 2023, including multiple label releases, Big shows, merch, collaborations and much much more. I am so excited for what’s to come and I am honored to be a part of this interview.

Keep an eye out because me and my team have definitely got some stuff in store for this year and the future.

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