Thred Remixes Rock Band – The Only’s “Lights Out” via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up]

Minneapolis‘ Rising Bass Music Artist Thred Puts His Spin On Local Indie Rock Band The Only‘s “Lights Out” On High Caliber Records

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Minnesota is home to plethora of amazingly talented musicians, artists, and producers alike. Luckily for you, today we have a double dose of this proof by the release of rising bass music producer Thred‘s official remix for The Only‘s original song “Lights Out” exclusively on High Caliber Records (also Minnesota-based).

pictured: The Only

Whether you know Thred for his freeform approach to bass music, his cute string-riddled character, his hilarious online social media presence, or even his gluttonous love for popcorn, you also know about his prowess when it comes to music production being the core of it.

He has signed tracks to major labels, headlined events, and remixes tracks via his reverse remix competitions like it’s clockwork. The man is insanely talented at making original music and remixes, respectively.

This go-around, Thred remixes an original track by Minnesota-local indie rock band known as The Only, and flips it on its head with an experimental bass variation. That’s right – indie rocks meets wonky wubs in this official remix via High Caliber Records and the results are flooring (to say the least).

What makes this remix standout is its fusion between the two contrasting genres at play (dance and indie rock) and how this remix brings cohesivity to them. The endearing vocals pull the listener in, backed by the synthesized soundscapes before all experimental hell breaks loose.

The drippy and liquefied sounds hit hard during the first drop and by the second one, the mood changes to a trap type drop, amplifying the energy tenfold.

Already garnering thousands of plays and streams since its uploading on 3/21, this remix is turning heads and catching the attention of the masses in no time at all.

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