Premiere: Bassgazm Releases His NEW “Deep Meditation” EP w/ 3 Wonky Tracks [EP Write-Up]

SoCal’s Rising Bass Music Producer Bassgazm Unleashes 3 NEW Tracks On His Self-Released “Deep Meditation” EP

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Jarron Ertz is a rising electronic music producer from Southern California who specializes in dubstep, riddim, and other subgenres in the bass music sector under the music alias Bassgazm.

As of late, he has been steadily creating a massive name for himself with several orgasmic music releases, event performances, and energy-packed mixes on music blogs, platforms, and online entities, respectively.

After such successful originals, VIPs, and a remix EP; we are elated to share the news of his forthcoming Deep Meditation EP which garners three wonky and bass-forward new tracks titled Deep Meditation, Badmon Ting, and Raw Flavor.

pictured: Bassgazm

Deep Meditation

First on the new EP is the flagship track “Deep Meditation” being a wild ride through the realms of bass. Undeniably wonky in nature, but carries a mean dose of attitude with its manipulated looping vocal stamps chanting “Deep Meditation”. Backed by brutal basslines that speed up by the mid to three-quarter mark of the duration of the track. A true treat to the ears and mind from Bassgazm.

pictured: Bassgazm

Badmon Ting

Second up on the EP is Badmon Ting. A follow-up to the first track on the EP but stands alone for its ability to get the listener hyped up and bobbing their head to the beat in no time at all. From start to finish “Badmon Ting” is memorable and forward-thinking via its contrast between sound usage and drum patterns to leave fans and listeners wanting this type of track to be stuck in their heads for some time.

Raw Flavor

Last on the EP but not least in any sense of the word is “Raw Flavor“. When people say they save the best for last, “Raw Flavor” is ideally a proof of that saying. Wonky, resonating, and impressively addictive are all descriptive verbiage that come to mind when this last addition to the EP starts to play. Bassgazm showcase his undeniable prowess in the production of bass music with this track and the EP as a whole. Time to hit replay, repeat, and refresh because that was too f**king good.

Bassgazm’s Deep Meditation EP is OUT NOW

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