Denver’s Earth/One Releases Orchestral Bass Banger “Above The Surface” on Stay Venomous Records [Track Write-Up]

Denver, CO‘s Earth/One Releases New Orchestra/Synth Bass Fusion Single “Above The Surface” via Stay Venomous Records

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Denver‘s own Earth/One lands “Above The Surface” and himself in the poisonous fangs of Colorado-based label, Stay Venomous Records.

This new solo venture from Earth/One is a melodically driven yet bass-forward surprise after his recent self-releases of color bass single Lost In Color, and his more experimental tunes like Caverns, and Eyes Wide Shut”. Now, “Above The Surface” nestles itself in as a proof of Earth/One‘s range and capabilities as a producer.


photo: Earth/One | by: Kyle Brim

Yet, “Above The Surface” takes new shape with its retro-fusion builds, deep let-goes of bass, and punchy ability to get listeners to get up and dance. Eagerly, your succumbed to the brassy but suspenseful upkeep in the track, but Earth/One keeps it dialed down with these symphonic vibes at center focus throughout the 3:20 duration.

Earth/One wastes no time grabbing attentive ears with the experimental bits and pieces of freeform basslines, catchy pre-drop vocals, and riveting elongated soundscapes of yesterday’s bass world meeting the sounds of today.

“Above The Surface” is OUT NOW
Stay Venomous Records

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