Wynde Up Puts Forth A Cosmic/Wonky Bass Tune “Gung Hoe” on Psychocybin Recordings [Track Write-Up]

Wynde Up Takes Listeners on a One-Way Trip To The Cosmos w/ “Gung Hoe” – Exclusively on The Area51 of Underground Music, Psychocybin Recordings

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Electronic bass music producer, Wynde Up wastes no time with the spacey delivery of his new single on Psychocybin Recordings titled “Gung Hoe”. A creative and complete paradigm-shifting, mind-altering, and otherworldly experience package brimming with fun bass soundscapes and wonky thrills sure to take you into infinity and beyond.

pictured: Wynde Up | by: Spawnzone

Fresh off his roll-out of release of “Gnocchi” with Xtrofik on THE GOBLINS LAIR and his self-releases on the PHONK EP, he is adding another knockout release into his deep space discography with Gung Hoe on Psychocybin Recordings, (who is known for harboring some of the underground’s utmost wonky creations on the planet).

If you’re ready to blast off into the unknown vast of outer space with the gravitating soundscapes that Wynde Up emulates with Gung Hoe, buckle up because its going to be a wonky trip into his creative genius and genre-bending vision and artistic telescopic lens.

Let’s Touch Base w/ Wynde Up

Q1: Gung Hoe is packed with wonky soundscapes and out-of-this-world vibes. Where do the motivations and inspiration come from to make this wobbly tune?

Wynde Up: I’ve always really liked old school dubstep and deep dub stuff too. Subby wubby tunes have always made me feel some type of way so I tend to gravitate toward smoother and wobbly sounds. I also really like trap and my tune was born out of trying to combine the spacey and deep sounds with trap beats and patterns. I think it turned out okay haha

Q2: You mentioned that you found the laser sound and it planted the seeds for the rest of the track. How does one sound create the foundation, not only for Gung Hoe but for any track in production? 

Wynde Up: I’m not sure if other producers work like this, but every time I open the DAW, I have no idea what I’m going to make. I pick a random BPM, sometimes with decimal points and just fiddle around until I come across or make something that sounds cool. Then I lay it out and after that, I can start to hear in my head what should come next and the track kind of starts to build itself, if that makes sense. I do have my biases though, when creating, like my preference toward trap and wobbly sounds.

Q3: Can we expect more space/wonky tracks from you in the future?

Wynde Up:  Absolutely, you can! 

Q4: What’s next for Wynde Up in 2023? What’s up your sleeve that may excite fans and listeners?

Wynde Up: I’ve got releases lined up for the coming months with some new labels, and I’m sitting on a good amount of finished tunes too. Be on the lookout.

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