Scafetta & Father Mercy Conjure Sorcery w/ “Witchcraft” via Rough Records [Track Write-Up]

We Enter The Realm Of The Supernatural Sounds w/ Scafetta & Father Mercy‘s NEW Release “Witchcraft” on Rough Records

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

We enter the world of spirituality and spooky bass music with Scafetta and Father Mercy‘s newest collab “Witchcraft” on Rough Records. Packed with otherworldly soundscapes, scary samples, and sorcery at every corner – and we all thought Halloween was over. Think again!

Left: Scafetta | Right: Father Mercy

Witchcraft” starts off with what sounds to be someone who is well-versed in the realm of bewitchery and benevolent beings, heeding a warning for those who have needs of an exorcism.

Then, without warning hell comes to the surface world and has brought a hellacious amount of fire and brimstone along with them. The sound selection and structure of the track is not of this world or dimension for that matter. Experimental sounds, bass, and wook-bass peppers the collab.

We get elements of synthwave, howls from beasts, and some scary breaks in the collab that send shivers down your very spine. Then, the nightmarish track slows, comes to a halt, and listeners are left with feelings of breathlessness and a brief moment of “WTF just happened” – very favorable for the fiendish and fanatics of horror.

Scafetta mentions on social media: “It’s honestly some of the weirdest sound design come up with” – but we are here to let you know this “weird” is good and we are here for it.

Father Mercy is always at the helm of making next level bass music and adding this collab to his repertoire is exactly the creative madness we love about him and want to see/hear.

You’ll need to repent to Father Mercy and Scafetta, as “Witchcraft” is boundariless and sinful in nature. 10/10 recommended.

“Witchcraft” is OUT NOW
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