BLAQOUT & JAYSYX Takeover San Diego, CA at Break Point on 1/20 | Murda Mystery | The Firm Entertainment [Event Write-Up]

Bass Music Badasses – BLAQOUT & JAYSYX Are Set To Destroy Break Point, San Diego on Jan 20th w/ Dubsumdamage + A Stacked Supporting Local Lineup

We provide Q&A’s for BLAQOUT, JAYSYX, & Murda Mystery + Event Info INSIDE

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Kansas City-based bass music producer BLAQOUT is set to headline Break Point with San Diego‘s local legend JAYSYX as direct support on January 20th.

You can bet on seeing Dubsumdamage, Skooby Snaxx B2B Sounds Naste, Yuxie, Offsides, Dusty Roadz, as well as J1NKY there for supporting talents and opening the evening.

pictured above: BLAQOUT | by: SHOTBYED

This event is presented by Murda Mystery, and The Firm Entertainment, all three of which effortlessly keep San Diego‘s nightlife on-point, alive, and well-curated.

The two headlining acts, BLAQOUT and JAYSYX are on our Weather Watch: 40 EDM Artists/Brands to Watch in 2023 so this comes as no surprise to see them together, slated to destroy the decks.

Headlining act BLAQOUT bears an impressive arsenal of releases, both self and via record label representation with Excision’s Subsidia Records, Bear Grillz’s Rude Service, Borgore’s imprint Buygore, and several other that all pack a punch that’ll leave you with a black eye.

It doesn’t stop there as BLAQOUT has massive collaborations with heavy-hitters like JPhelpz, Decadon, MegaHurtz, Kleøpatra, and many others worth giving both ears to.



BLAQOUT Interview

Q1: What can we expect from your set at Break Point?

BLAQOUT: My set is going to have all the new music, basically every original I’m playing is a new unreleased track minus the usual ones I play in every set.

Q2: Have you been to the San Diego area before? If so, what is your favorite aspect of being in the ocean air? If not – what are you looking forward to seeing/experiencing?

BLAQOUT: I have, but not to play. This is going to be my first set in San Diego, but I love the city of San Diego. It gives me metropolitan paradise vibes and I’m here for it.

Q3: What’s your take on swimming in the ocean?

BLAQOUT: The ocean is my favorite place to swim, at an early age I pursued a scuba diving license and I try to get in anytime I’m near an ocean.

Q4: What’s can we expect in 2023 that may be different in years past?

BLAQOUT: I took basically all of 2022 to work on things with Prysm Talent Agency and haven’t put out a lot of music since, but I’ve definitely been making tons. A showcase mix, originals, collaborations, tracks with features, a remix or two, that’s all coming. I’m excited to be back at it and can’t wait to get this stuff out finally!

Supporting headliner and local legend to the San Diego area – JAYSYX is no stranger to obliterating his live performances with his gargantuan sound usage. Like his musical counterparts, JAYSYX also garners a wickedly brutal discography with a multitude of self-released and label releases that will have you counting stars around your head.

photo above: JAYSYX | by: @lvghts_media

Packing heat, JAYSYX holds it down with major releases under Rude Service, Subsidia, Emengy, and Rough Records; respectively. Each one, glaring with bass and powerful drops and mixing styles and elements of pure decimation to draw in his listeners – ready for more!

JAYSYX Interview

Q1: What can fans expect from this set that may be different from sets before?

JAYSYX: What fans can expect is WAY more energy and a ton of new music.

Q2: What’s up your sleeve in the near future for JAYSYX?

JAYSYX: I’m bringing it each and every time. ESPECIALLY the San Diego show because it’s my hometown

Murda Mystery Interview

Q1: Who is Wubducted & Murda Mystery and what sort of impact do you all anticipate or wish to leave with your attendees/fans?

Murda Mystery: Wubducted is a Bass Music Event series put on by our collective Murda Mystery.  Murda Mystery is a collective of DJs in So Cal as well as New Orleans who believe that DJs/Producers with talent and work ethic deserve a platform to gain followers. Most promoters and collectives ask how many people a DJ can “draw” before booking them.  We feel that DJs who are new to an area, don’t have a Social Media team, or don’t have a large friend network deserve a place to showcase their talent.  

Q2: What can fans expect on 1/20 that may surprise them, without giving away too much information?

Murda Mystery: Being from New Orleans, where Bass is King, we’ve seen artists like Boogie T, TVBOO, SFam, Mersiv, Bawldy, & many others rise in the Bass Scene.  There is a plethora of talent coming out of the so-called “Dirty South”.   Unfortunately, the EDM/Rave culture used to be more about acceptance & community, but now we feel it has been corrupted by big business and the mainstream. 

In other words, we know Bass music and have spotted “great” artists before they were big and have booked DJs when no one else would (because they didn’t have a huge fan base) and they since went on to be booked at bigger shows. It begs the question of: “How do you get a fan base if you can’t get booked for shows because you don’t have a fan base?”  We’re artists lifting up other artists and if people don’t come to our shows they will hear about them and wished they had. 

Q3: What can we look forward to from you at Wubducted/Murda Mystery for 2023? 

Murda Mystery: Misfits will have a safe and fun place to meet other misfits, hear some amazing music, and connect with the DJs.  They will be part of the journey!

We’re booking bigger and bigger headliners each month but need support to continue growing and that’s what we’re looking forward to in 2023!  Bigger headliners means more exposure for our rotation of supporting DJs and a pleasant surprise for our “fam base” (not a typo – we consider our fans our fam). We’re planning a circuit tour in multiple cities as well! 

More on Break Point, Pacific Beach: At this striking venue, when day turns to night and the clock hits 8pm, it evolves into a nightclub experience for the dancing and partying demographics of the area. You can expect to find illuminous stage lighting, a well-balanced sound system, and bottle service options to supplement your elevated evening experience.

For more information on bottle service tables/packages – email or follow this link to fill out a form [ HERE ]

21+ | 7pm – 2am
Break Point PB
945 Garnet Ave | San Diego, CA, 92109


Hotel Options (via Fairfield Inn & Suites | Pacific View Inn | Holiday Inn Express | Diamon Head Inn | Pacific Shores Inn | La Quinta Inn + SO MANY MORE

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