Ghost In Real Life + We Rose – ‘Lost And Found’ [Track Write-Up]

Ghost In Real Life and We Rose have teamed up in their latest melodic adventure “Lost and Found”.

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

In this write up I’ll dig deeper into what makes this song a truly unique piece of art and pick it apart thread by thread and expose why Ghost In Real Life is on a massive climb right now alongside her friends We Rose. 

Left + Center: We Rose | Right: Ghost In Real Life

Lost and Found” begins with a stellar vocal performance accompanied by an 80s sounding synth bouncing in the background. Soon after, the drums begin to roll in, but only for a brief moment before we are transferred into the build which adds a nice layer of energy to contrast the intro verse, as the vocals rise in tone and the hyper snares and claps propel the listener into the absolutely beautiful melodic soundscape created by this trio of producers. 

When we get sent into the drop, the melodic wubs quickly overwhelm you and take you over as you are instantly entered into a trance like state as you feel the emotion this song truly holds.

There’s something these producers did with the mid range area on the basses, and it honestly just hits the ears just right, and that alongside the perfectly leveled sub, this track is all around meant to be felt, mentally and physically.

You can feel the passion behind the vocal performance Ghost In Real Life brought to this track, and it truly feels like she took something from the heart and gave it her all here for us all to listen to. 

Ghost In Real Life –

Lost and Found is a future bass/experimental bass song about getting ghosted for a date and feeling like an item on the island of misfit toys or in a lost and found box. This song’s sound was inspired by artists like Flume or Tisoki and infused with Ghost in Real Life‘s angelic vocals.”  

We Rose –

Maggie (Ghost In Real Life) approached us with a super dope intro with vocals and we had to hop on it! We were just working on a drop that happened to be in the same key. We combined them and sent it back. Maggie was in the studio with us a week later finalizing the second drop and we crushed this song in a couple of sessions. Were stoked with the way it came out and couldn’t be more excited for everybody to hear it.

The second half of this track brings us back to the return of the vocal performance, and that heartfelt atmosphere this entire track takes place in, and it again swells us through the build and into our second drop.

Front: Ghost In Real Life | Back: We Rose

The drop continues the flow established in the first half, but this time it simply works to just help vibe and ride out to with the rest of the track. The catchy flow of the wubs accompanied by a great drum sound, this track is ready to help change your mood even on the darkest of days.

It’s released just in time to blare out of your car’s stereo as you drive around enjoying the summertime vibes. 

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