Rage-Bot’s ‘2022 Showcase Mix’ – Heavy Artillery Of Numerous Unreleased IDs

Denver‘s Dominating Dubstep/Bass Music Producer RAGE-BOT Fires Off An Onslaught Of Dangerous Tunes In His ‘2022 Showcase Mix’

Written by: Garth Jones

Firstly, for anyone who is unfamiliar with Rage-Bot who is reading this article (yes, you!), I heed you to remember the name because this dude is a machine and (won’t be the last time you’ll hear the name, guaranteed). I mean with dual meaning or ambiguity. He is metaphorically a machine and literally, hence the ‘bot’ part in his moniker, and in the respect that he pumps out quality music like a music factory. Impressive and jaw-dropping, right? We know. Shall we continue to this showcase? Allow me to lead the way.

In this instance, Rage-Bot has a multitude of monstrous tracks (20 in total) to showcase before the official festival season is upon us and by golly, grab a neckbrace and get a chiropractor ready on speed-dial because of what he has mustered up in this (SoundCloud chart-topping) mix has sheer danger written all over it. From front to back, all 30 minutes has maddening music, rage-worthy drops, and the rowdiest tunes known to man (machine, in this case).

ID = ‘In Development’

In this half-hour of favorable mayhem and destruction, there are watermarks splattered throughout from well-known Colorado locals, rising artists from across the globe, and Rage-Bot‘s friends such as D3vinity, MagMag, BvssFlux, DRIZZ, Grisly, Lilith, and many more so keep an ear out for those while you commit a felony on your neck and spine.

Catch Rage-Bot Live at:
Neon Project 2022 on June 18, in Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado
[Presented by Party Troopers + Bass Capital Records & Entertainment]

Etc! Etc!

+ Special Guests, Local Support & Contest Winners

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