B-RAFF – ‘Metamorphosis’ [EP Write-Up] New Extended Play With A Shapeshifting Appeal

B-RAFF Grants Us Passage Into His Sophomore EP ‘Metamorphosis’ Featuring Mayor Apeshit and Messinian

Written by: Tate Beumel

From legendary lyricism to heavy guitar riffs, B-RAFF has created a true piece of art with this release! It’s a formula of electronic elements, heavy rock influence and hard work to put it all together to bring you, “Metamorphosis EP’

The first track [Emerge] is a heater and lets you know that the man means business, vocals brought together from some of dubstep’s best: Messinian & Mayor Apeshit. Without getting too detailed, this track is a message of support for the underground artists of the scene, the anthem of the underdogs. One track to send the message to all that we will stand out ground and keep the underground alive.

The second track [Thinning The Herd] of the setlist hosts yet another rapper of high caliber to join the crew, MagMag. The poetic magician comes out swinging on this one & our man of the hour comes behind him with them aggressive wubs & dubs.

Next on the lineup [Everything Crashes Down] brings more guitar and rock vibes to the forefront, a true headbanger of a tune if you ask me! Following that [Creatures] comes the collab with the label boss, Chaosync. The track brings more of the heavy, guttural rock elements into play but follows with a very violent drop to make you lose your mind.

Now, this song to come [Hiraeth.] brings you back to the calm spot in your heart and lets you relax after the heat that comes previous. Beautiful melodies and very atmospheric ambience help create a stunning track overall. And last but not least [Calm (Before the Storm)] starts off with a calming intro and leads into a masterpiece, but I got to keep some secrets!

To hear it for yourself and support the man B-RAFF, check out the latest release; The Metamorphosis EP, and be sure to check out the rest of his work! Out now on SoundCloud!

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