Uncharted | Justin Wilk [Interview + Owner’s Spotlight]

We Talk With Justin Wilk, Owner Of East Coast-Based Uncharted Events About Their Tidal Rise In The Industry

We chat with Justin Wilk, owner of Uncharted, a Maryland-based event company, promotional brand, and media source. Taking immense passion and dedication as his main priorities, Justin Wilk dominates the underground of his area. Packing hundreds, and gathering the masses in the thousands, people flock to these events, knowing what’s ahead.
Throwing crazy parties, backed with night-piercing lasers, loud sound systems, and a brilliant team behind him; they definitely know what is up. Get familiar with with East-Coast prodigy as he’ll be making quite the name for himself in his respective area and beyond.

This is Uncharted, and he is Justin Wilk.

[Interview: Justin Wilk]

Q1: Welcome to our aquatic arena! You are the passionate owner of Uncharted, a flourishing event company from Maryland. What can you tell us about your tenure and history in dance music and where Uncharted was born from? 

A1: I’ve been going to EDM shows for about 10-12 years. I started working on street teams for Steez Promo and then moved over to a company called Zodiak and parted sails to create Uncharted.
Uncharted  was originally formed in 2018 and then licensed to a formal business in 2019 and ever since we’ve been cranking out shows and building our name and spreading the good word of music and culture. 

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Q2: You specialize in events, branding, and artist relations that encapsulate a whole spectrum of styles and genres. Did your upbringing in the industry inspire this move to become a notable name in electronic dance music or was there a different rhyme to this reason? What made you want to bring this type of movement to your respective area? 

A2: From the first show I attended I knew I wanted to be more involved in the scene or industry. It just made me happy to see so many smiling faces in one area and just the freedom people feel at events versus their normal day to day operations. It gives people somewhere to relax or even let loose. It’s even given me the opportunity to open up more and be different from the rest because it’s okay to be different and we respect differences. 

Q3: What does the east coast do best in terms of music and support for the EDM phenomena? 

A3: I think the east coast has a ton of diversity if you’re looking in the right places . Also The East Coast is home to some great festivals. From my personal favourites and good feedback on are  Nightmare Festival to Yonderville to even the bigger ones such as forbidden kingdom in Florida which hosted a lot of the underground bass producers  and BigFoot Electro in Tennessee

Q4: Rage On The Range with Felony, Delchorro, is today! What can expect from this riddim, bass music, and dubstep showdown? 

A4: Rage On The Range will be so much more then a show. This will feature artists but also we will be adding on cornhole set ups, a slip n slide, BBQing, food vendors, merch vendors and all of this being on a horse farm. 

Paddock Place Stables  
1015 Stansbury Rd
Pylesville, MD 21132

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Q5: What else is up your sleeve for the remainder of 2021? Anything you can hint or leak to us? 

A5: For now we can say we will be hosting an event on august twenty second that features crabs, BBQ , live bands and DJ’s and other  activities to help us end out summer properly. We will also be planting our roots and background into some warehouse options to keep the underground culture up. We have more planned in store for Maryland and the surrounding region come fall and winter with clubs and other venues. 

Q6: What has been the highlight and utmost luminous point in your career thus far? Shed some light on that bright and life-changing moment 

A6: Honestly it’s all been great to me. I think what really helped me is just being there for the other local promoters and showing them I’m an ally so we can all build together and make something beautiful. 

Q7: Who is on your radar at the moment? Give them a shoreside shout-out from Uncharted!

A7: We are currently looking into a ton of different artists, genres and spanning the country for that different flavour. We aren’t weary of an uncharted journey and we will also set sail on the newest and rising artists.


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