LEESH – ‘Restless’ | Music High Court Release [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Brian Zucker]

Trap/Experimental/Future producer LEESH showcases a fresh side of trap music with his latest release “Restless”, placing his sound among other notable Bass artists with releases on Music High Court (TVBOO, NXSTY, Gurf, and more). 

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photo of: LEESH

LEESH doubles down on his emotional and energetic production style on “Restless”. While each verse and buildup is carried by dark, eerie vocals, LEESH changes the vibe dramatically with two glitched, heavy drops dominated by an aggressive, harsh bassline. Similar to LEESH’s large catalog of music, “Restless” is supported with unique FX and fluttering percussion, maintaining a familiar trap “bounce” throughout. 


It’s safe to say “Restless” establishes LEESH’s unique sound among the wider bass music community. 

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