Prometheus. Fire and Brimstone Beats.

AJ Asencio, a Utah resident, who is breaking the mold. This up and coming artist from The Beehive State has such a gathering of support from the surrounding community, his pals, and more. We are thrilled to bring this firestarter into the storm. Please welcome Prometheus to the storm!
Question 1
: Thank you for joining us, we’re stoked! Where did you come up with your name?

Answer 1: A friend gave it to me. Fits me in a lot of ways. Titan of forethought and thief of the Olympian flame. TorchBearer. I am a veteran fire performer and fire-breather. I teach and am usually always prepared. The titan is t a God but Gods fear them. I like the idea of being more of a primordial element to the culture than the pedestal life.

Promethean Melody · Heavy Hitter III

Question 2:
You’re from SLC!. What can you say is your favorite part about the music scene there?

Answer 2: The acceptance of the flow of community fire and LED alike. As well as variety, I can find everything here.


Question 3: Your style of music is primarily bass music and trap. Where does this liking come from?

Answer 3: Bass is the pulse of the song. Arming van Buren said that the heart of dance music is the kick drum. So that where I’ve begun my studies. Thus engrossing myself in it. And who doesn’t love Bass? Trap music fits the theme of the vision I have for my first produced sound. So again studying.

Promethean Melody · Tripled Trap

Question 4: If you could musically experiment with any other artist for fun, which one?

Answer 4: Alison Wonderland, AeroChord, and Pendulum

Promethean Melody · Marlon Kraftx AeroChord


Question 5: Who’s in your scopes as far as collabs go in regards to bass music?

Answer 5: To be honest, anyone. I have several idea projects planted but I like keeping an open hand. I’ll work with anyone, anytime, anywhere outside of shitty people. No time for them. Rezz or Flux Pavilion would be the coolest.

Promethean Melody · Stripperkliped TRAPZ

Question 6: What is your dream venue or festival to play?

Answer 6: I don’t really have an interest in a stage that I can’t see the people listening. Das Energi’s “Galactic Flats” would be ideal. Any stage that size or close too. I want to be able to see my audience. Electric Pow Wow and Incandescece I want to jam on as well


Promethean Melody · Prometheus And Bigo Trapz

Question 7: What new and exciting projects do you have planned for the rest of 2020 and beyond?

Answer 7: My own content. Education and Performing Space. Recording/Broadcasting studios and a few surprises that the world needs.

Question 8: Who do you think is killing it right now? Give them a shout out!

Answer 8: DoseCans #itsdosecansfault, Mr Keebz, Kontrol FreQ, 14eleven Entertainment, SkreenHit, Subbbyeet, Disko Klown,  and DJ Hooplah. The list is huge! Utah is killing it, to be honest.


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