W.A.S.H. – Stay With Me | BASSCVLT Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[By Brandon Rafferty]

W.A.S.H. completely obliterates the speakers with their recent banger titles “Stay With Me.” This track has some of the best and ballsy sound design i have heard in 2021! In a time with an over saturated market of mainstream riddim and brostep styled bangers with an 80’s styled Intro, it is nice to have a refreshing artist like W.A.S.H. who was brave enough to try something unique with this track and delivered an absolute masterpiece. 

The song begins with an almost trap like drum pattern that slams into your eardrums right from the start, but this is quickly changed when the vocal samples of SVMUEL roll in and create its own vocal break with  backing melody. The build and pre drop have you think the track is going one direction, but then switch it up with a nice blend of trap style synths and High pitched “Long boy basses” as I personally call them. This song is honestly hard to put into words, it has a nice flow that makes you feel like you’re vibing like a gangster, and yet at the same time is striking some kind of emotion with its pitch and sound design.

May be a cartoon of 1 person and text

Whatever combo this is, we want more of it! The second vocal break and build are very similar to the first, as expected with most bass music tracks, but still holds back a surprise or two. When this second drop hits, the bass stabs and heavy sub that hit are insane! The whole vibe is perfect for a live show and I hope to hear this one played out ! The latter half of the drop returns to the first drop structure, which is perfectly combined with that new stabby structure we were just given previously. The tune rolls out with that slamming drum pattern we had a preview of in the intro, concluding this massive beast of a banger. 

Stay With Me” Is a very unique and stand out track that i truly enjoy. It is a nice breath of fresh air from a lot of tracks that just simply sound the same as each other these days. This one literally is like nothing i have heard before, and i am eager to see what these beasts bring to the table in the future! 


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