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Saturday – APRIL 3RD, 2021
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6:30PM EST – 5:30PM CST – 3:30PM PST

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[Interview: Future Twist]

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Q1: Welcome Future Twist ! We are stoked to get soaked with you guys. What can you tell us about your history in music? Where do you trace the cord back to the wall in your career?

A1: We’ve been making music together since freshman year of high school, but our real “Day 1” came when we were living in Seattle. We had just kicked out a roommate who wasn’t paying rent and had two relationships that we cared about end on bad terms. We were feeling low and like everything we had built up had been pulled out from underneath us. So one morning we decided to make a list of every possible opportunity we still had. That was when we wrote our Rebelware EP which was released on Recall Records, and everything just kept getting brighter again from there.

Q2: Recall Network has control of the reigns for this stream! In what ways are you preparing to twist things up for this performance?

A2: We’re really excited to hear what the rest of the Recall family is going to bring to the table on this one! For our set, we really focused on using a lot of our own unreleased music to tell a story. Not just an emotional journey of ups and downs but we mean there are characters and a plot. Everything is intentional. There’s a journey, resolution, and even a narrative dialogue. If you listen closely, you just might be able to follow along with the story we’ve woven into this mix.

Q3: Outside of this Recall Network Takeover stream, what can we, your dedicated listeners, and soon-to-be-fans anticipate in the coming weeks/months?

A3: We’ve been hard at work consistently redesigning and refining our sound to make sure we are finding the ‘Future’ in Future Twist. We have some new projects we think people will connect with, and a few remakes of some classic projects that long-time fans are going to love. We’ve spent plenty of nights at the drawing board building the blueprints for our live show experiences so when we are in your city, you won’t want to miss us. We have some really amazing ideas to showcase that we have put our entire selves into.

Q4: What has been your favorite memory/experience being with the Recall Network family?

A4: We challenged Perses to some 8ball pool during a stream we were both on the bill for and totally wiped the table on him. Sorry I had to put you on blast like that, Ben. He totally lost his marbles that night. Can’t wait to mop the floor with him in Smash Bros someday soon.

Q5: Who is on your radar, Future Twist ? Give them a futuristic shout-out below!

A5: It couldn’t be a Future Twist shoutout without mentioning our best friend Aeded. We know he’s hibernating in his lab for a while, but he’s going to make some real noise when he comes back out again with a load of new music to share. StaiR has also been absolutely killing it lately, we believe he’s on his way to some crazy success in the near future. And we can’t go without showing some love for our very first mentor Spiderhound, our local Boise friends like T3J, Doctor Chubs, Dunder Cheef, the Crux team, and everyone else who’s made it known they believe in us.

We are Future Twist, and we hope you love the experience we have crafted for this event!






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