HUSKI – To The Top [Track Write-Up]

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HUSKI – To The Top

[California-based] electronic bass music artist HUSKI returns to our thunderous skies one more time and we are pumped! Each and every time this howling-hellhound comes back into the storm we are increasingly surprised, floored, and moved by what he brings with him. His music such as ‘Toxic Love‘ and ‘Take Me Away‘ is simply irresistible, as the range, diversity, and ability to take you to another place is what we appreciate the most.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

To The Top‘ comes screeching in at full speed, knocking you down, just to pick you right back up! This basshouse/trap inspired beat with get your feet in dance-mode whilst transforming your very being into the trap aficionado its shaping to become.
The signature upbeat sounds keep your energy and stamina piqued. Maintaining that very electricity through the majority of the track, then, shifty solidly to a heated trapped-out anthem. You cannot beat those two genres mixing so cohesively like it does in ‘To The Top‘ by HUSKI.

May be an image of one or more people and outdoors

Don’t be that guy/gal who hasn’t listened to HUSKI. By all means, don’t be the person who hasn’t listened, supported, and/or shared some HUSKI tunes with your friends because you’re only doing yourself and them the disservice. This dude goes in, time and time again.

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