James Gary – The Emancipation of Toast: Lauterhaus Records Release [EP Write-Up + Interview]

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[written by: Zackary Sharabii]

[Houston-based] First off, I wanna start this write up discussing the E.P. title in itself by James Gary! With such a unique name to an E.P. I strongly believe I’m about to be taken on a unique journey and so I was! We start off with the first song of the E.P. which is the title of the E.P. Such a groovy house vibe to it! I definitely imagine this song being played in the game Cyberpunk 2077 or one of the Grand Theft Auto games! The melodies and pattern variations warm you up in such a lovely way where you can feel the ambiance being delivered through the song, while also being time-traveled to the future! Great song from start to finish and then we head into the second song with a deep title that demands my brain to listen deeper. 

The Past is Gone, is such a beautifully written track to follow up after the Emancipation of Toast, the vocals in this track carry you in a beautiful way, the lyrics are extremely relatable, and that’s something I always am fond of when listening to music, it’s the relativity taken from it to apply to my life and uplift me to keep moving forward! A beautifully chill, but also futuristic vibe, here, I imagine myself sitting on the beach, watching the shooting stars and just vibing in the night! I’m definitely playing this song the next opportunity I’m sitting on a beach again, the probability of being more connected to this song is high. The melodies that are written are carrying you on a lovely bouncy journey with the melodies always warming your heart in the way they are written, ending nicely, we go into the last track, Nobody. 

For this song there is some dark tone to it, you would think from the intro to the song, that we are going to be taken into a song that fits in the trap music genre. Prepare to be corrected though, because as soon as the drop hits, we are taken on such a lovely deep vibed journey. A song that you would definitely expect to hear at a club, I can only imagine when you hear that in such a scenario, you’re going to 100% feel the vibe of this song. James Gary wanted to take us on a lovely journey with this E.P. and he delivered gloriously, I look forward to hearing more from this talented individual! It was extremely enjoyable and I felt honored to be able to do a write up on such a cool E.P! 

[Listen to The Emancipation of Toast]

[Interview: James Gary]
[by: Garth Jones]

Q1: For our readers and your new soon-to-be fans, what can you tell us about James Gary, your music, and where it all began?

I’ve been a fan of house music since I was a kid, but in 2014 is when I discovered my love for djing and producing music. I began my career under another alias, “Toast”. I had some pretty good success under that alias. Played some huge shows, had a track that hit the Beatport top 100, but I still wasn’t fulfilled musically. I fell into the trap I feel a lot of artists fall into, making and playing popular music and not the music that’s in your heart. That’s when James Gary came about. James Gary is my actual name, and to me, it represents keeping it real to yourself and doing what you love regardless of what others think. Not hiding behind a facade, not doing something because others think it’s cool, just being unapologetically you. That’s what James Gary represents.

Q2: ‘The Emancipation Of Toast’ is out now on Lauterhaus Records. What made this EP and their label seem like the correct fit and mainstay?

A2: It’s in the name, Haus. Lauterhaus is a label that wants to bring the best out of all house musicians. My biggest track to date, “Alone With You‘, was released under my former alias Toast. I submitted that track to them, once it was accepted, I was immediately treated like family. Since then those guys at Lauterhaus have become my family, so it only made sense to release my new EP, under my new alias with this label. 

Q3: How would/can you describe ‘The Emancipation of Toast to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?

A3: Emancipation is a story. It’s my journey into who I am now with my music. It will also tell you the future of my music.  For a long time, I created music I didn’t enjoy, simply because it was popular and would get me more gigs. Emancipation is all about me releasing myself from the constraints of Toast (my former alias) and birthing a new identity, My true identity.  If you truly listen to this EP, you’ll hear that the past is gone and can’t nobody tell me how to feel. That’s what you’ll get from this Ep and my future releases

Q4: 2021 is simply unwritten. In addition to the aforementioned extended play, in what ways do you plan to make this year exceedingly memorable and exciting not only for yourself but for your dedicated fanbase?

A4: I just want to spread love and continue to bring people together through my music. That has always been my goal and will continue to be. If my music can touch just 1 person, then I’ve done my job.. For me and that one person, that moment will always be memorable. 

Q5: Who do you see putting in the time and effort? Give them a healthy James Gary shoutout!

A5: I want to shout out all my Lauterhaus brothers: Borel, Alex Lauter, Sour D, Cohen, NONC3NTS, Cohen, Neon Instruments, Xilla. My entire Baked Up Management Team and the one person putting in the most work my wife Jean. If not for her I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.


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