XZ VZNRY – Wisconsin’s Space Bass Visionary [Interview]

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[Wisconsin-based] virtuoso in bass music, XZ VZNRY melts into our storm. We are always increasingly excited to get to know other, new, and talented artists from across the states, and by golly, this gent checks off on all things BASS. Allowing himself the room, creative space, and mindset to create experimental, riveting, and jaw-dropping music. As a high-recommendation from our good friend Otatop, we knew we had to check it out.

Please welcome XZ VZRNY to the storm

Q1: Walk us through your vision, will you? Who is XZ VZNRY?

A1: I just want to inspire as many people as i can with music and show people it is possible if you put your mind to it. My goal is to spread as much positivity as possible and I thought what better way than music?

Q2: What genre(s) do you primarily focus on? What is your go-to beat? 

A2: I really don’t know what genre yet but i really want to be part of the Spicybois or Wakkan Labels. I really like trippy sounds and synthesizing basses from scratch.

Q3: 2020 is behind us. How did you turn that year into a positive?

A3: 2020 was both really bad and really good for my progression. I actually started producing with no previous knowledge on March 6th 2020 once I got my stimulus check. I literally practiced almost all day every day when I could.

Q4: Your track, ‘Break‘ is wildly impressive and fresh off the press. What sort of creative processes went into the development of that track?

A4: I was really trying to make a song very inspired by all of meso’s work and i kinda just let it happen while creating all of the basses from scratch. The reason why it is called Break is because I kinda fell into a deep depression for a month or 2 after my girlfriend and I split up on top of everything else that was building in my life. Once i started to finally realize what i was doing was wrong, I brought myself up and started a song. The music literally took over and I made the whole skeleton of the song in one day, plus about a week of minor fixes and slight equalizing to the sounds.

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Q5: Any big, exciting, or eyebrow-raising plans for 2021 you can leak?

A5: I do have some big plans for 2021 but it’s all still up in the air. One of my biggest goals for this year is to reach at least 1000 followers and get some more followers from my favorite artists such as blurrd vzn and MeSo.

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Q6: Who is on your radar right now as far as collabs go? Who do you want to work with?

A6: There is a couple in the works soon with new friends i’ve met online, but my biggest goals would be to collab with Hedron, Shwilly, uuju, molotik, Blurrd vzn and MeSo

Q7: Who do you see putting in the blood, sweat, and time these days? Give them a shout-out! 

A7: Some of my homies I’ve been seeing working really hard would be Otatop, Rusker, OGSolo, and my homie the DJ Spriganz. That is just a few of my friends I know personally that I think deserve more attention.

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