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[Arizona-based] riddim producer NAUT whips up a whirlwind of bass and looping madness with his newest release on Pewtrid Records, titled Vortex. In addition to the aforementioned chaos at hand, Bass Source steps in and sources the track on YouTube. Pretty f**king cool, right? We thought so too. You can always get down to NAUT and boogie with his unique and eclectic reiteration of bass.

Pewtrid Records joins the ever-growing family at Bass Source to potentiate their reach, networks, and ultimately getting the artists’ music in front of more eyes and into more ears. This comes as no surprise, Pewtrid Records has been aiming, succeeding, and implementing only the best tactics for the artist they represent. 2021 has shaped up to start off promising and rewarding. Let’s keep this momentum going.

[Listen to Vortex]

Bass Source | Pewtrid Records


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