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Duper -Welcome To The Dungeon

[Denver-based] artist DUPER invites us into his newly released cavernous creation, ‘ Welcome To The Dungeon ‘. Colorado is a mecca for the experimental, creative, and exploratory; whilst this track exemplifies all three of these state-seared attributes in this bass-forward original. Pushing our current understanding of what bass-music is into the wider spectrum of what bass-music could be. This is the next new-wave of talent, brimming with bass, and it is growing in our backyard here in the Centennial State of Colorado.

At first notice this track has an eerie and spine-chilling soundscape environment that slowly builds into an entry-way to horror. Sinister in sound, we get right to business with the baleful amount of bass imminently at hand. Duper ever-so-effortlessly displays dominance with ‘Welcome To The Dungeon’ in cinematic formation of using drums to add intensity and thrill. The monumentally well-designed introduction carries into its first drop of grotesque precedence. Whoa!

With the track sitting at a fierce [3:57], rest assured the this welcoming has a second salutation, and it does speak volumes. The second drop is wildly bewildering. Adding in feral elements of surprises and values of untamed wobbles. An amazing end to this experimental bass cultivation from the Bass Capital.

This is an ‘Oh My God‘ moment, nevertheless, count your blessings before entering the dungeon.

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