Gorilla Smack. Going Beast Mode With Animalistic Audio. [Interview]

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Gorilla Smack Interview:

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are excited to finally have you! Where does the name Gorilla Smack come from?

A1: Hey, first off thank you for having me! My name is Michael Frank, and I’m from the central PA area. I came up with Gorilla Smack when myself and a few friends were kicking around some ridiculous DJ/Producer names that I could use when playing my first show. One of my friends suggested Gorilla Smack. I thought it was pretty catchy and, it sounded like a name the would be hard to forget. The name ended up becoming a nickname, people began saying “Hey Gorilla” or “King Gorilla”. At that point, I knew the name would stick.

Q2: For the unknowing readers and soon to be fans, what is your primary preference on genre? Where does this liking come from?

A2: For those who aren’t familiar with Gorilla Smack. My go-to genre is a blend of dubstep and blues with the influence of classical sprinkled in. The draw to this genre stems from a young age. When I was four, I was classically taught how to play the piano. As I got older, I gravitated more and more towards the saxophone.

Q3: Walk us through a day in the life of you? Sunup to sundown!

A3: Honestly, my day to day isn’t super exciting. Most days start off with a large cup of coffee. I’m currently going to school for a degree in electrical engineering, so most morning goes toward classwork. After completing my schoolwork for the day that’s when I switch gears and focus on Gorilla Smack. As a personal preference, I like to work on music at night. During the day after classwork, I usually end up checking Gorilla Smack social or working on preparing for releases. Once 5 or 6 pm rolls around that’s when I either work on a track or focus on sound design. Then I end up relaxing and playing some Modern Warfare.

Q4: What can your fans expect for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?

A4: I’m excited about what’s coming, I’m working on my first EP as Gorilla Smack so keep an eye out for that. I also plan on releasing more singles as well. Unfortunately, because of COVID I don’t have any upcoming shows right now, so most of my time is being spent on music production.

Q5: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a shout-out!

A5: The homie Sweet Teeth is crushing it right now, he’s been doing sick collaborations and released three tracks on Subsidia. I also see the homie and central PA local, Bluhtii crushing it as well with his release on Subsidia.

Thank you, Gorilla Smack!

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