Deadly Bass: Odin. Colorado’s Bass-Music Mythological Madman

Joshua Cooper, or to his fans, he is Odin. This immortal musician hails from the Coloradan mountainside and drops down from his throne to deliver mind-f**king bass!
His opening set at Deadly Bass will assuredly warm the evening up, and set the mood for a serious powerhouse experience!
Please welcome Odin to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to our ever-growing storm! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and your soon-to-be fans? Walk us through the story of Odin!

A1: Thank you so much for having me! My name is Odin. I have been DJing for close to 4 years
now, and I just started to get into producing. I started DJing for a few reasons. I love my family
to death, but I wanted to have my own story and build my own legacy, not hitchhike off of my
family’s success. I was looking for a way to do that all through high school but couldn’t find
anything that fit me well. In 2016 I started to really find my own way with the music I was
listening to. I grew up in a small town where everyone listened to either country, or rap. I tried
both but never could really get into it. Of course, I knew who people like Skrillex were, but
EDM didn’t really catch my attention until I discovered music festivals like Ultra and
Tomorrowland. What really finally made me want to be a DJ was in January 2017, I had a 13-
level spinal fusion, and I was on bed rest for a month. I had a lot of down time, so I started
watching sets from Ultra 2016 on YouTube. I remember I was laying in bed watching the
Blasterjaxx set and I was absolutely in awe. I told myself right then that I wanted to learn to DJ.
(There’s a good chance the painkillers played a role). Once I was back on my feet, I bought a
really sh*tty controller and a Virtual DJ subscription and taught myself how to mix. I then hit up
the owner of a local production company and he hired me to be their DJ for weddings and school
dances. (He’s now my Brother-in-law, but that’s a story for another time). From there I kept
working and working until I finally got booked for my first club show where I could actually
play EDM. That’s where I really fell in love with it and decided I wanted to make a career in

Q2: What musical genre are you primarily working with right now?

A2: Right now, I mainly play dubstep at shows. I mean it is the bass capital for a reason!
However, I never forget the genres that made me fall in love with EDM, such as big-room,
trance, hardstyle, etc. As far as producing goes, like I said I am very new and I’m still learning
a lot, but I want the music I make to be very emotional and tell a story. Illenium is probably my
biggest inspiration for actually writing music. But when it comes to shows, I bring the heat.

Q3: How have you been occupying your 2020 year? Any sort of new ventures we can expect to see in 2021? (2-part question)

A3: I am in the process of getting my Bachelor’s in Business Entrepreneurship, so that takes up
most of my time. However, any free time I do have, I spend teaching myself how to produce. I
am expecting to start releasing music, in some capacity, in 2021. I also have a new project with
my homie ShockerT that hasn’t been announced yet, so stay on the lookout!

Q4: What can we expect from your Deadly Bass set that we can ultimately get hyped over? Feeling good about your set?

A4: I am opening this show (I drew the short stick), but that doesn’t mean I am going to tone it
down. I’m coming out swinging right from the beginning. My intro is super dark and pays
homage to my name and brand. It is also the only thing I have produced yet that I feel confident
enough to play at shows. Even though most of my set will be super intense, I am playing a few
hardstyle tracks because I always love incorporating those genre’s that got me into EDM to
begin with. It is also fun to see how the crowd reacts to hardstyle songs because it’s such a
European genre. So, a lot of people around here have never even heard of it. So, it will be a very
diverse set. Should keep everyone on their toes.

Q5: Who do you see killing it on the daily? Shout-them out!

A5: I have to shout out my Brother-in-law Seth Roybal and Valkyrie Productions. He helped me
really discover my love for music in general. We have big things in motion with Valkyrie and we
have a brand-new sound system that will literally blow everyone away once we are able to start
having bigger shows again. I also have to shout out ShockerT. We grew up together, but never
really were friends in school. But since we both started DJing, we’ve become really close and
I’ve seen him grow so much as an artist and I’m excited to see where he goes.

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