Deadly Bass artist, ILLUMINASTI joins the storm!

Q1: Welcome! Where did the ILLUMINASTI project derive from? Take us back to the beginning in regards to decision to make music, and down to the name!

A1: It all started after I attended my first ever rave in 2011 in Salt Lake City which had Afrojack and Benny Benassi as the main headliners. I ventured around the venue jaw dropped by the amount of positive energy and thought to myself “One day I’m going to do this.” I had been making small edits here and there of songs on my computer just prior to that show but seeing EDM music live changed my frickin’ perspective 100 percent and ignited my passion for it! Roughly 3 years later I  bought my first DJ controller and started mixing music at parties and people would come up to me like “dude that mix was worthy of being played at Red Rocks!”
As far as the name ILLUMINASTI, I came up with that in 2015 just before I played my first gig at Mesa Theater and chose that name because I witnessed a few UFOs when I was 15 years old and started researching aliens and other things that people would call “conspiracy theories.” I felt that the name ILLUMINASTI brings a mysterious vibe and can help people think outside of the box… and I love nasty drops!

Q2: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your journey thus far?

A2: Hands down Zomboy! The dude is a mastermind on sound engineering and composition! Not to mention his stage presence is top tier. He really knows how to capture the crowd and get them to go mental with him.

Q3: What do you have in store for your set at Deadly Bass? Any sneak peeks for the blog?

A3: I’m planning to set the party off right with an energy packed intro to let everyone know we are here to get crazy and leave all of their current struggles at home. I’ll be playing dubstep, some mash-ups as well as trap music.

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Q4: What is it like in a day-in-the-life of you? Put us in your shoes for a day!

A4: Imagine thinking of the most random topics and things every 10 seconds… welcome to my brain. I wake up at 5 a.m. for work, come home and either work on music or play video games and watch documentaries; about anything out of the ordinary. On weekends I do the same things but I also go fish or just walk around my favorite lake out in the forest near town and vibe with nature. Other than that I hang with my friends and vibe with them.

Q5: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them some love and send a shout-out below!

A5: My boys CyberGothDanceParty, K.Suh.Dilla, Sobear and literally all of my DJ/producer homies! Much love to all of you!