As_Is – Eclipse EP. A Glimpse Into Illumination [EP Write-Up]

The delightful duo As_Is brings forth a dazzling collection of tracks to brighten your October music needs. With a mix of every mood and vibe you want from an EP, this creation really outshines their previous works. Just as the passage of one celestial object in front of another, temporarily blocking the more distant object from view, this EP delivers the safeguard necessary to feel wholesome in a time of fragmentation and divisiveness. This is.. Eclipse.

Early Mornings (4:51)

Early Mornings is a refreshing reminder of the smaller things in life bringing forward the joy and prosperity in simplistic moments. This track delivers a healthy dose of reflection and luminosity with every shift and shake. The lighted area around the shadow of a planet or moon during an eclipse is best known as the penumbra and by definition it’s well-deserving to say this track transcends those elements musically. A beautifully written song from these two. 10/10

Revolt (3:23)

Revolt brings the energy and magnitude that accentuates the sheer velocity behind the inspiration behind this EP. Revolt drives the force needed to remind us all we are burning and hot inside. This new normal has allowed some us to incinerate in rage and anger and others to burn brightly and rise from he ashes and create a new, brighter imagery for ourselves. The words and samples used in this track is quite ominous and intrepid. The wobbles back this track up and solidify it’s place as the headbanger track on the EP 10/10

Awakening Darkness (4:20)

Awakening Darkness is a hypnotic and mesmerizing production. This entrancing and thrilling track brings all the static into a ball of energy to rush over you. The looping chant and bass brings a captivating feeling while listening to this song. What a spellbinding and somnolent after-effect this one has. All four minutes plus, are hooking and mindfully sedative. 10/10


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Artwork: Carlena Khabay

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