Meregodz. The Russian-Roulette Of Riddim

Yaroslav Lukyanchuk, or as the bass-music world knows him best as, being Meregodz! This 15-year-old is a bright and talented artist who is breaking necks and turning heads already at such a young age is from Simferopol, Crimea. His potential to succeed is only getting more and more probable with his captivating music, drive, and early-approach. Now, mortal humans…
Please welcome Meregodz to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are pumped to have you!
What can you tell us about the origin story behind the Meregodz craze?

A1: Thank you for inviting me! I started my music career by creating hip hop beats. At that time, I was known as BASSEFUR. Then I was inspired by artists like Wubbix, MONXX, Tokyo Machine and many others. So I started making EDM tracks. My last track released under the name BASSEFUR was “I’m Weirdo” on the MDRNT label. Now I changed my nickname to Meregodz to start my career with a clean slate as a Riddim / Dubstep artist. My first official track with this nickname is “Meregodz-Wonky“. It was released on the Dub Wubz Promotion label.

Q2: How long have you been producing?

A2: I have been producing 2.5 years. During this time, I learned a lot and changed the DAW from Fl Studio to Ableton Live

Q3: What is your favorite part about making music? And why is it your favorite?

A3: My favorite part of creating music is creating the original idea of a track. You create the mood and flow of the entire track.

Q4: Remixes or originals? What do you like about each, and dislike about each!

A4: I like the originals because you can express yourself. I love remixes too. They make you be creative.

Q5: What has been the highest point in your career? Walk us through that moment of excitement!

A5: The highest point of my career is releasing my new official remix on El Speaker. I am very happy that it has finally been released.

Q6: What do you expect to gain from 2020 that you can use in 2021?

A6: In 2020, I met many musicians from all over the world, and also started releasing on labels. I changed my nickname from BASSEFUR to Meregodz and started my career from scratch. I think in 2021 I will be able to use new acquaintances.

Q7: You recently dropped “Fxcking Tunes”, what went into that track mentally?

A7: In my new track “Fucking Tunes” the main idea is rocking flora and beautiful rhythmic bass.

Q8: Whose in your radar as far as collabs go?

A8:  I have now collabs with Hybrid Screech, SAMAGON, Hepfonix, BANSHEE, Tonbo, BassCaptain and Kilosem

Q9: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a healthy shout-out!

A9: Hybrid Screech, SAMAGON, Sharploud, BANSHEE, Tonbo, Jub, Akeos, BassCaptain, KANAAN, Infekt, I7 and Mighty Duck.

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