Jystdoe. The Bay Area Bass-Music Badass.

Jesus Hernandez, or as the dance music world knows him, Jystdoe, is a Californian bass-music artist. Hailing from The Bay Area, this up and comer has the recipe for success. His music multiplied by his drive, passion, and dedication is the equation you need to jot down.
Please welcome Jystdoe to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! Thank you for joining us. Where did Jystdoe come from? Take us back to the beginning.

A1: Hey everyone ! Thank you so much for having me on, it’s truly an honor! The name was made a long time ago. My friends would always call me “Jesus Christ” growing up so for short they would call me Jyst, & “Doe”  came from “John Doe “ or “Jane Doe” to  keep myself as a mystery 
After attending my first electronic  music festival back in 2012, I knew I wanted to be more involved in this community. I was a former event promoter for Vital Events in The Bay Area. Then, I instantly knew that I wanted to produce the music I was listening to.

Q2: Being from California, you are well-aware of the numerous and never-ending arsenal of events this state throws. What sort of advantages (if any) have you seen from living/making music in California, or even The Bay Area?

A2: I am very aware of the never-ending arsenal of events that happened before the pandemic. There’s definitely an advantage of living in The Bay Area, CA because of how many events are thrown. Whether it’s a show at the DNA Lounge or a massive event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, we’re there to celebrate the community. Another advantage is meeting other local DJs & collaborating  on new ideas and musical support.

Q3: If you could describe your music to a new listener without using genre-based words, how would you do it?

A3: I would best describe my music by saying it’s something that would suit a horror film and or zombie apocalypse film. Real spooky vibes! 

Q4: Walk us through your Jagerwomb Remix and Not So Festival Szn Mix on your SoundCloud. What sort of creative outlets and processes did you call upon for those projects?

A4: When I stumbled upon the stems for “Jagerwomb” I knew I had to remix it. I used a “Chello” type synth to give it a theatrical sound. I used plugins from Freakshow Industries to distort & manipulate the vocal samples I was using to sound more demonic/ evil.  And lastly, I sampled a clip from one “Invader Zim” episode for the second drop.
The “Not So Festival Szn” Mix was actually supposed to be a live set for a virtual music festival that I didn’t end up playing due to scheduling,  so I posted it on SoundCloud for all of you to hear! Every time I make a mix for SoundCloud in the summer I have to get into the summer vibes by playing stuff you’ll hear at a music festival like trap , drum and bass and house to name a few!

Q5: What can we expect in the coming months, if not 2021?

A5: You can all expect some new music very soon ! I have a track called “Dear, I’m Found” that is coming out very soon with some new sounds from me! I’m really excited for this one because this project is a whole other genre, the rest of 2020 & 2021 will be full of music as well! 

Q6: You just sold out your dream festival with a lineup of your choice. Who is with you and where is it?

A6: My sold out festival will include a lineup w/ Skrillex, Svdden Death, Ayonikz, Flix , Aweminus, Shiverz & Phiso in The Bay Area, CA!

Q7: Who do you see killing it in your eyes? Give them a shout-out!

A7: Some artists that are absolutely killing it right now is Naifer ,Beanie God, Dr. Ops, Louder Space, Magnemite & Drypnosis, and shout-out to y’all!  Thank you so much for having me ! 

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