VILLAINZ. Houston’s Harboring Of Dubstep’s Villainous Heroes

Please welcome VILLAINZ to the storm!

Q1: Welcome to the storm! We are stoked to have you in the thundercloud. What can you tell us about your moniker, VILLAINZ? Where does the name choice come from?

A1: We are heavily influenced by the UK crew by the name of MONSTERS so we tried to come up with something similar but fitting to our own attitude at the time.

Q2: Riddim and dubstep seem to be your mainstay in music. Where does this liking derive from?

A2: Our love for bass led us to the discovery of Dubstep and eventually Riddim.

Q3: Who are your biggest inspirations inside and outside the realm of bass?

A3: Some early Dubstep inspirations include Megalodon, Badklaat, Requake, Lost, and of course Jakes. On the Riddim side – Benzmixer, Subfiltronik, Phex, Da Force to name a few. 

Q4: Your from the Lone Star State. What do you feel Texas does best in regards to music?

A4: We have a huge music scene in this state. You can find shows of all kinds. I think one thing we do really well is variety. On any given night there will be multiple rap concerts, EDM events, rock shows etc

Q5: Your SoundCloud features 80 tracks from the likes of Mortar, Shobi, HOOLIGAN and many more. Walk us through your fruition days and how it has changed since then?

A5: In our earlier years our main goal was to try and bring the riddim sounds from the UK to the US. Our roster has gone quite a few changes over the years and has included some recognizable names such as INFEKT and CROWELL. We are an evolving roster and try to keep an eye open for those that have a unique sound in the riddim realm. Weve recently recruited artists from South America as they are bringing new flavor to riddim. Croogie, FG and TAMIS are from Argentina and Motar is from Ecuador.  

Q6: What can expect from the likes of ya’ll in the near future?

A6: Weve just recruited TAMIS from Argentina. His world debut dropped on 9/11 on VILLAINZ.
Watch this guy – He is the next thing in riddim. The way he incorporates melodies with driving riddim basslines is refreshing

Q7: What is your favorite Texas-based festival?

A7: SXSW seems to be the most enjoyed between us all. It gives us an opportunity to link with artists and fans from all over.

Q8: How has the pandemic shaped your ideology on music? Stronger or weaker?

A8: The pandemic has given us time to focus on our productions and grow the label side of VILLAINZ. Expect a lot more releases from the entire team in the near future and watch for live stream events. 

Q9: If you could experiment with any other genre, what would it be and why?

A9: Look out for some JUMP UP style music coming from some of the guys in the near future. SPEED RIDDIM as we like to call it. 

Q10: Who do you see killing it these days? Give them a shout-out!

A10: TAMIS our latest recruit is under 300 followers and is going to change the game! 
DIZZY III has a massive album in the works so keep an eye out for that.
MOTAR is a releasing machine!!


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