dub:sect. Bringing Dubstep Back To The New Zealand Area

dub:sect is a music collective founded in 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand. dub:sect strives to create a stronger platform to connect with rising talent and support artists in realizing their full potential.

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand; dub:sect started as a passion concept between a group of local artists who share a common goal for dubstep to have a stronger platform in New Zealand. We value community, culture, and progress and want to build a strong foundation for artists to connect, grow, and share their work. dub:sect strives to become a recognized name within the NZ dubstep scene and is now actively seeking DJs and producers who are interested in connecting with us and sharing their work.

Tomorrow at 3pm NZST we will be kicking off the first of our INITIAT:ON mix series with Noughts.

Noughts is a 19-year-old up and coming producer and DJ living in Auckland, New Zealand, and is one of our very own dub:sect crew. He started producing at 17 years old, placing a focus on the hard-hitting trap and distorted basslines.

Noughts has successful releases on labels such as Drop Central and Street Ritual and forms half of the duo Cypher.

Contact dub:sect for more info at contact@dubsect.com.

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