SEDA. Big Tunes Coming From The Big Sky State Of Montana.

Reza Moinossadat, or more well-known as SEDA in the dance music world. This Montana based bass-music producer is paving the way for his success, and with a sheer certitude of positivity. With attention from some big heavy hitter, we know this producer is going places bigger than the Big Sky State. And, Montana is way big. Please welcome, SEDA to the ever-expanding storm.

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Question 1: Welcome to the storm! We are ecstatic to have you with us! Can you snorkel us into the deep-dive into who is SEDA? Where did this all begin?

Answer 1: SEDA means sound in Farsi and is the product of many years of wandering through life with zero direction. Music has been the most captivating thing to me my entire life so when i finally escaped the fog of drug addiction and could focus again it just made sense to give myself to it completely. So the past 2 years or so I made it my full focus and worked my ass off to play catch up. I’m 31 so I’m showing up late to the party. Now that I’ve begun I can promise I’m not stopping.

Question 2: Who have been your biggest inspirations thus far in your career?

Answer 2: So many to list, SAYER, G Jones, Zeke Beats, NastyNasty, Nit Grit, recently Code: Pandorum, his new LP is insane. Ableation has some of the most unique sound design I’ve ever heard and some of the sounds I make are just me trying to figure out how he does what he does. All of these guys and more inspire me every day. The feeling they give me is something I hope to share with other people through my own music one day. Outside of electronic artists tho I REALLY love pop music. Christine and The Queens is on repeat as well as Lorde and The Weeknd. The list could go on and on.

Question 3: What sort of advice would you give to someone who wants to be in your shoes?

Answer 3: First thing I’d say is be prepared to work long and hard. It’s only through a large volume of work that you’ll be able to catch up and get your music to a professional quality. I’m still playing catch up myself at 31. The next thing I would suggest is to find some direct mentoring. One of the biggest reasons I’ve come as far as I have in such a short period of time is because of the mentors I’ve had guiding me along the way. These people tell me like it is and don’t sugar coat it. If my kick sounds like a “doofy” piece of shit they say so, then I fix it and grow quicker because of this non filtered feedback. Next I’d say, invest in yourself. If music is something you’re serious about then don’t sell yourself short. This includes finding mentors, doing 1 on 1 lessons, and surrounding yourself with honest people. Lastly I’d say let your ego and pride go and have fun. 

Question 4: Eating and or drinking before a set? Yay or nay?

Answer 4: I have REALLY bad pre-show anxiety so having a little ritual helps me. I always drink lots of water but my go to food before a show is TACOS! Spicy pork tacos for whatever reason calm my anxiety slightly. I don’t drink anymore. I have a beer from time to time but usually just water for me. Other than that I smoke cannabis regularly and that’s about it

Question 5: What is the ideal 2025 looking like for you? Walk us through your utopia year in five years.

Answer 5: In 5 years I hope to be touring or teaching. Sharing my music with people around the world is a huge dream of mine but I also wouldn’t mind sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with the world as well. So if I can be making a living doing either of those I’d be happy. I’d honestly just be happy to hear my music being played out by the artists I love within the next 5 years

Question 6: Who is in your collaborations scope? Anything you can sneak or leak?

Answer 6: So I have a BIG collaboration with my buddy Josh Jenkins, he goes by Octobit. We just finished it and actually secured a release on a label I have a lot of respect for. Can’t say which one yet but we are both VERY excited to announce this. If anyone wants to check out the ID, Code: Pandorum just dropped it on his new Disciple Roundtable Mix. 

Question 7: Being a resident to Montana, must be a diverse and never-ending in terms of expansive terrain. Although, in regards to music, what advantages have you seen from the Big Sky State?

Answer 7: Montana is breathtaking to say the least. As far as music goes though it’s definitely still growing and the electronic scene isn’t huge here BUT this has been the perfect environment for me to really focus on writing the past 2 years with the little distraction. If I lived in Denver I’d probably be at shows more and writing less. Also because of the smaller scene I’ve really been able to grow a solid support system with my fans here. My Montana SEDA HEADZ are my foundation for sure.

Question 8: Just recently you dropped your SEDIT for The Weekend’s track After Hours. What sort of creative process did you muster for such a project?

Answer 8: So the creativity was there when I heard the song. The chorus line is so captivating and moving and when I heard sections of the song that I could snag the vocals out of I knew I had to make a SEDIT. From there it was all a puzzle. How can i fit these pieces here or there and have it all come out like a pretty picture without forcing anything. Flow is key. A lot of sounds were made from resampling my Moog sub37 and just stretching out the samples and adding things like convolution reverb and stuff. Again I love pop music so this was a fun project for me. 

Question 9: What can expect next in the realm of SEDA?

Answer 9: A lot of new music! I write about a song a week and I’m not stopping anytime soon.  I have lots of collaborations and remixes on the way as well as my first release on a big label which should be out within the next few months or so. Once shows start back up I’m really looking forward to playing a full set of original tunes for everyone. Might have another live stream happening soon too. I don’t know how to write music like anyone else but me so I can promise that everything you hear will be unique and fresh

Question 10: Who do you see killing and slaying it lately? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 10: My Defyre family is killing it! Josh Jenkins (Octobit), Raymart Pascua (Heaven Fell), Aaron Steel (Aaron Steel), Matt Mueller (Diplomatt), Ariel Benavides (Brainwavez), Oliver Mausner (OMAS) and so many more. Defyre Society is going to be taking over in the next few years for sure.

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