OK Vision. The Premonition Of Success Has Been Visualized

Aunjelay Shinney, or as we know now, is OK Vision. With a re-brand, and new appeal to the way Aunjelay does music, we know that OK Vision has our musical interests in mind. With recent support from Rico Act, we have to get OK with ourselves, and see what it’s all about. We are elated to reintroduced OK Vision to the ever-expanding storm!

Question 1: Welcome back to the storm! We are so happy to have you back with us! Although some may not recognize you. What lead you to a re-brand?

Answer 1: The main thing that led me to re-brand was because I was trying to make a tag to put on my music so I don’t have worry about people stealing it or whatever because I like to be cautious. And how I came up with “OK Vision” was so silly cause my friend found a picture on Facebook that based on your birthday and the first letter of your name or something like that it would tell you what your band name should be and mine was “OK Vision” and I liked it a lot because I haven’t had the best vision my whole life and I’m stuck having to wear glasses so I really do have ok vision.

Question 2: What is new and fresh in the life of OK Vision?

Answer 2: Not much is new besides I’m working with other artists and making music with them. I’m still making all my music on my phone but I really like where I’m going right now with my career! I made $2 in four months so I’m doing a lot better than I was before.

Question 3: Walk us through the Forest Floor. What was your creative process behind the dance-forward track?

Answer 3: Forest Floor was a song I absolutely hated and thought it sounded terrible but the more I listened to it the more I started to like it. I wrote the song around the beginning of 2019 because I was trying to better my music skills by writing 1 song everyday even if it wasn’t finished just as long as I worked on 1 song a day. Doing that really did help better my skills and I think I wrote Forest Floor either the first day or the second day of doing this daily “challenge” and I wrote the song literally in one day and then decided like a month or two ago I wanted to release it, so I put my tag on it and mastered and it’s done really well so far. I wish I could remember my creative process in writing it but I knew I wanted to make something that would make me dance and I came up with the title Forest Floor because to me it’s like a journey on the forest floor and what goes.

Question 4: Hibernation was about 4 months ago, what lead you to make a drum n’ bass track?

Answer 4: Hibernation was a song that I spent months on because I kept getting writers block but it’s obviously REZZ inspired by her song Edge and I wasn’t really focused on the genre at the time of making it as I don’t ever really set myself to one genre but I’m happy it turned out to be drum n’ bass in the end because who doesn’t like a little flavor.

Question 5: What do plan to do next in the upcoming months? Over winter?

Answer 5: Right now I’m working on a hip hop/rap song with two of my favorite artists in Utah and we’re really close to finishing it so I’m super excited with this one! And this winter I want to work on making a summer bop, like a song that everyone will want to put on their playlist bump to it all summer long. 

Question 6: What is the biggest difference you can note from your two musical identities?

Answer 6: The biggest difference I can tell is that I’m a lot more confident with myself and my music. I have more motivation and I know I’m going to get somewhere one day. 

Question 7: Who is in your collaboration scope?

Answer 7: Right now I’m trying to make it a goal of mine to collaborate with the producer “Llusion” and I would love to collaborate with some more local artists as well!

Question 8: Who has been your role model or mentor lately? Anyone you’re currently looking up to?

Answer 8: I’ve honestly just been learning a lot from the internet and TikTok. I think it’s a really great app to learn, connect, and inspire. I also have been getting a lot of feedback from artists on what I should work on with my music. Rico Act actually gave me amazing feedback/advice on my music and even reposted Hibernation on SoundCloud which has helped bring in quite a few streams for me so I’m super grateful for that!

Question 9: Do you see any new and up coming talented people you want to acknowledge? Give them a shout out!

Answer 9: Élan Blasé is a local artist in Utah and he just released a new album called Tanglewood Blur. He pours his heart and soul into music and the energy he gives off when he performs live is immaculate! His music is very inspirational and just absolutely beautiful. I highly suggest checking him out because he is going places!

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